Akshay Kumar Haircut: How to Achieve His Signature Look

by Updated on May 31, 2018

Askshay Kumar is a Bollywood superstar with the great looks that will send you weak at your knees! He’s just…. So handsome! He’s done the most interesting roles – playing god, bad boy and an army man. We just can’t seem to get enough of this debonair, stylish man. That’s why we’re writing Askshay Kumar hairstyle today.

The Timeless Classic Askshay Kumar Hairstyle: The Full Pompadour

We’ve always admired this man for giving us women all sorts of emotions – happy, sad and in love! And oh, he has this sense of styling that makes him so sexy especially in the way he styles his hair. Now, let’s check out our favorite Askshay Kumar hairstyle – the full pompadour!

 Akshay Kumar Haircut
Akshay Kumar Haircut
Akshay Kumar Haircut
 Akshay Kumar Haircut
 Akshay Kumar Haircut
 Akshay Kumar Haircut

How To Achieve The Full Pompadour Hairstyle

  • Make sure that the hair is clean and dry.
  • Lift the entire hair with a comb. Coat the locks and hair with pomade with your fingers. Slick the hair back on your sides.
  • Style the pomp using a blow dryer.
  • From the back of the head’s top, comb the hair while you’re slicking it. Then, slick hair about four inches from the crown.
  • Start slicking another four inches, and then try completing the slicking of the rest from the head’s top.
  • Slick your hair to the back again, but then, start from the front once complete.
  • Using a comb, you can start running through the slicked portions but starting from your temple towards the vertex in order to lift up the areas, which are slicked back.
  • Flatten the slicked portions, but then make sure to leave the front part for a quiff.
  • Create it at the front of your head to achieve a wedge shape before lifting the hair up from the front area with the comb and then start rolling it backwards for the waves.
  • Run some pomade starting from the front to the back, and make sure to lift your hair to achieve the ideal shape.
  • Lift the hair in the front by running your fingers up to three times. Slick your hair back better using a comb’s hair pick.
  • Blast your hair with a hairspray.

This full pompadour is his signature style that makes him look more dashing in everything he does. If you want to achieve the look, make sure to print his photo out and show it to your barber. Also, refer to the steps above as another way of stealing Askshay Kumar pompadour hairstyle for yourself at home today!

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