Alexis Sanchez Haircut: How to Achieve His Look

by Updated on June 3, 2018

Who wouldn’t love Alexis Sanchez haircut especially on this hot summer day? The football player is making head turns not only on his talent in sports and very fit physique but also because of his neat and clean haircut. Do you want this hottie hairstyle on your next do? Check out these tutorials on how to achieve this cut.

Check out if this one suits you and how you will rock on with this cut!

Alexis Sanchez Haircut

Alexis Sanchez Haircut

Alexis Sanchez Haircut

Alexis Sanchez haircut

What’s like to have an Alexis Sanchez haircut

  • This hairstyle for men is popular to many parts of the world, especially in hotter places. Don’t get too annoyed if you see other personalities wearing the same do. Alexis Sanchez. is famous and so is his haircut.
  • This works for a man with elongated face. Since this is a clean cut, it will expose the shape of your head. It works perfectly for men with slender face.
  • This is easy to wear and hardly needs effort to maintain. You can wash it and step outside without combing.
  • You can use your favorite pomade or wet look hair gel to style it or leave it free style.

Achieve the Alexis Sanchez haircut in this hair tutorial

Step 1. Ask your barber to work on your hair to achieve the Alexis Sanchez haircut. You need to grow your top most layers for at least two inches so the barber can trim it down a little bit to achieve the clean crew cut.

Step 2. Wash your hair and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 3. Grab a small amount of pomade or hair gel and apply it on your top most layer, working downwards.

Step 4. Comb the top most layers, parting on one side.

Step 5.The haircut will get uneven in weeks as your hair grows back. To maintain it, simply run the narrowest blade of the razor on the side of your head where it was a clean cut before. Follow the original pattern.

Step 6. Trim the top layers with a thinning scissors if they get uneven, too.

This can be considered as a male hairstyle that never goes out of season. No matter what the weather is, you can always wear this style and you are still trendy. The trick on this cut is the clean side and short but sharp tops. Both sides of the head are neatly shaved with angular edges.

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