The Antoine Griezmann Haircut: Achieving Antoine’s Best Looks

by Updated on June 3, 2018

We have seen Antoine Griezmann Hairstyle evolve through the years. We’ve seen him on long locks, blond with dark brown base, with headband on his head. We have seen him on his most neat cut in recent tournaments. So what’s your favorite Antoine Griezmann Haircut?

Well, do you really have to pick? Let’s settle to the fact that we like Antoine Griezmannno matter what haircut he is wearing. But let’s delve on his clean look first. Despite his shorter hair, Antoine is still wearing his hair free styled. He does not always show with his hair nicely made and neatly combed. He’s a man of action and his hair can speak about that.

The shortest hair he got recently is nice and clean. With a little more volume and length at the top, both his sides are neatly cut like a guy leaving for a prom date.

His style can be tucked neat or left messy and free. That’s the spirit that this football player has always been sent to us.

Antoine Griezmann Haircut

Antoine Griezmann Haircut

Antoine Griezmann Haircut

Antoine Griezmann Haircut

How to achieve the Antoine Griezmann Hairstyle

  • For his neat cut, you can simply wash your hair, and apply some wet look gel on the top most layers.
  • Using a comb, part in on one side and work on the thinner sides.
  • If you want to set it loose and free, simply squeeze your fingers on the top most layers and you’ll rock on.

Maintaining the Antoine Griezmann Haircut

Maintaining this cut is easy. Once the cut is made, give it two weeks or so and you’ll see some patches starting to grow back.

Step 1.To maintain the sharp haircut, run the razor on the original pattern on your hair.
Step 2. Mind the gap between the nicely shaved part and the top most layers.
Step 3. If you see the top starting to grow longer, grab a thinning scissors and trim it down.
Step 4. Carefully trim down the longer hair by getting small portions to cut.
Or you can simply get back to your barber for constant hair maintenance.

The Antoine Griezmann Haircut

Getting Antoine Griezmann Hairstyle

It’s easy to style, if you really follow what Antoine Griezmann has in mind. You can shower, pat yourself dry, put on your clothes and let your hair loose freely. But we have also seen Antoine in his sharpest and most neat look. With the same clean cut, you can really take him to prom!

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