The August Alsina Hairstyle: Signature Look and Character

by Updated on April 18, 2018

We’ve known August Alsina for his music and collaboration with other biggest artists like Nicki Minaj. Apart from his music, people are also looking forward to see his new style, particularly with his hair and rocking clothes. The August alsina hairstyle became very distinctive for many dark skinned men with curly hair.

It’s not only the style that keeps this haircut popular but also the character it brings to the person wearing it. This style commands artistry and for those who love rock and roll, you can never go wrong with this style. Here are some tips and steps on how to achieve this look.
August Alsina Hairstyle
August Alsina Hairstyle
The August Alsina Hairstyle
The August Alsina Hairstyle

Features of August Alsina hairstyle

The following are some of the distinct features of his hairstyle.

  • It looks great on men with long curly hair.
  • You can wear it loose or tied.
  • It’s not as heavy as dread locks.
  • It’s a hairstyle that you can style even more. You can style it man bun or accessorize it.
  • It is easy to maintain.

Interested with the already? Here’s more on how to achieve the same look and style.

Achieving August Allison Hairstyle

So you want to achieve style, personality and artistic character at the same time. This hairstyle is possible with August Alsina hairstyle.

  • First, you need to grow your hair longer. Curly hair seems to grow slower than straight hair. This is just the illusion that the curls create. Wait a little longer (this may take a year or more) to finally achieve the length you desire.
  • There are salons and hairstylist shops that specialize in dread locks and styling curly hair. This interesting hairstyle lies on how you want to be unique and stylish. For August Alsina, he emphasize the texture of his hair.
  • Before working on the locks, leave half an inch of shaved part on the side all the way to the tip of the forehead. Make sure your keep it maintained, as it will grow back in days.
  • You should keep your hairstyle clean using the solution you can purchase from the salon.

August Alsina hairstyle is more on expression of personality. This haircut is well suited if you love to add some swag on your style – from the clothes you wear down to your accessories. And speaking of accessories, this style can be your independent accessory. You can let it loose, wear a headband or simply put a hat on and you’ll rock!

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