The Bad Bunny Haircut: How to Achieve His Look

by Updated on June 9, 2018

Bad Bunny takes self-expression and artistry very seriously. It’s not only in his music that he brings emotions and expresses himself but also on his hairstyle. We are all familiar with his shaved hairstyle but he took it to another level.

The carved lines engraved on his short hair show his funky style. This styling technique has gained popularity in recent years due to other celebrities like Kanye West who also wear this hairstyle. With all these styling and maintenance, Bad Bunny has managed to maintain his flair.

Do you want the same funkiness? Check out this Bad Bunny hairstyle and see how you can express yourself in the same level.

Bad Bunny Haircut
Bad Bunny Haircut

Wearing your character

This style is for men who wear their characters from head to toe. No one will miss this style as it is very distinct and noticeable. This haircut is also a very good conversation piece. Since very few people wear this do, many are curious about it. Having this exposure, you must be someone who wants to express and impress at the same time.

Here are some of the characteristics of Bad Bunny hairstyle:

  • It suits every hair type. Since you’ll basically shave your hair, it doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair.
  • It is quite difficult to maintain since hair grows back in weeks. In this type of hairstyle, you will see visible patches growing in just matter of days.
  • Maintaining this hairstyle needs to be addressed by a professional hairstylist who specialize in hair carving.
  • The front hair at the base of the forehead is also kept tapered like the rest of the hair. The straight line drawing the base should be maintained by a sharp thinning blade.

Bad Bunny Haircut

Bad Bunny Haircut

Bad Bunny Haircut

How to Achieve the Bad Bunny hairstyle

The bad Bunny hairstyle is performed by professional hair carvers. It is recommended to look for the best stylist to achieve the perfect design you want. Here are some tips on how to achieve the Bad Bunny hairstyle:

  • The stylist will shave your head and will start to carve figures, in the case of Bad Bunny, lines and patterns. You can follow this style or get your own design. The stylist usually present common patterns and designs for carving that you can choose from.
  • Choose the pattern that complements the shape of your head. If you have round head, do not choose spiral patterns as it will create an illusion that will make your head look even larger.

Maintain and keep this hairstyle clean by regularly visiting your barber for frequent trimming.

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