7 Best Shampoos for Men in 2018

by Updated on April 18, 2018

While many men think that they can just wash their hair with pretty much anything (hand me that bar of soap, will ya?), that’s not entirely true.

Finding a suitable shampoo for your hair is the base of a good haircare routine, especially if you want healthy, shiny and strong hair that stays on your head for as long as possible. What’s the difference between a men’s shampoo and a regular shampoo, you wonder? You probably think it’s just the scent. We hate to tell you – but you’re kinda wrong again.

An effective men’s shampoo will address hair issues that are frequently experienced by men, such as thinning hair and hair loss, itchy scalp and dandruff as well as lack of volume. So – go on and check out our top 10 shampoos reviewed in 2018 and pick the one that works best for your mane.

#1: Head & Shoulder’s for Men

Fights dandruff and other unpleasant flaky head things like a boss, while you enjoy a super macho, classic Old Spice scent. Clinical tests have proven it to be 100% flake-free – and that it’s highly effective in fighting things like dry scalp and irritation.

#2: Clear Deep Hydration Shampoo

Got tired, weak and limp hair? Lucky for you, Clear Deep Hydration Shampoo will sort your hair right out. It’s full of hydrating nutrients that deeply nourish the scalp and help your hair build resilience.

#3: Dove Men+Care Fresh Clean Shampoo

It’s two birds, one stone with this shampoo. A magic combo of a shampoo and conditioner (how do they do it?!), it’s designed specifically for men with thinning hair that needs a bit of attention. The product contains caffeine – one of the number one ingredients proven to successfully fight against hair loss.

#4: Redken Mint Clean Shampoo for Men

If there’s one brand that comes to mind when someone says, ‘professional haircare’, it’s Redken. Formulated with protein and pro-vitamins, Redken Mint Clean Shampoo will energize your scalp, as well as restore scalp’s natural balance (if you’ve lost it somewhere along the way).

#5: Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Another winner, which is highly praised by its users, is the Brickell’s Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo. Great for any hair type, but perfect for those who have dull, thinning or damaged hair. Full of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, pro vitamin B-5, tea tree oil, silk amino acids and peppermint – this shampoo is bound to hit the spot.

#6: Woody’s Daily Shampoo for Men

It isn’t just the name and the image of a surfer that we love about this shampoo (although, we must admit – we dig the vibes). We love how simple it is! It’s a daily shampoo for men with normal hair. If you’re a dude just looking for a non-fancy, straightforward wash for your mane you’ve just found it. The best thing? People seem to love it, too!

#7: L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro For Men

Last but not least, meet the L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Men fortifying shampoo. If your hair’s thinner than you’d like it to be – then this shampoo was meant for you. It’ll nourish your hair and fortify hair follicles for a head that’s full of hair. Designed for men, but used by women too (shh, don’t tell anyone), this shampoo will make your hair thicker and fuller.

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