High Fade
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The high top fade or just the hi-top, a towering mass of kinky hair stacked defiantly atop the heads of young black men during the late 80’s, conveyed the Afrocentric pride and social awareness of that amazing era. You never know, you can spot a high top fade that goes very well with your skin […]

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When it comes to haircare, you and I both know that a lot of us tend to have a pretty laid-back approach. Whether we have short hair, medium hair or long hair, it goes something like… “Meh, I have hair – that’s great. I buy a shampoo that’s on offer, ask a friend to trim […]

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Straight Hair
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Men, alike women have hair types ranging from straight hair to kinky hair types. All these diverse textures require different ways of maintenance as well as specific hair products best suited for each. Men hairstyles and grooming depends greatly on the type of texture of an individual. This article purposes to be a guide to […]

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