Choosing the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

by Updated on May 9, 2018

Getting a bad haircut isn’t something you can just wipe out of your memory the next day.
It sticks around for quite some time – and having to face it day in, day out can be annoying.
What’s one of the main reasons people get bad cuts, you ask? Not knowing their face shape well enough – and which haircuts work well for their face shape.

A talented barber will be able to point out when the hairstyle you have asked for is an absolute ‘no’ for your face shape – but sometimes they may not. Other times, they may just not want to be rude – how would you feel if someone said you can’t have a cut you’ve been digging for a while because on your face shape, it would look grim?

Ultimately – it’s best to know about face shapes yourself. It’ll only help you achieve the best, most suitable cuts going forward.

Luckily, we have put together the 7 most well-known types of face shapes along with advice on which haircuts look good on them. So that you don’t have to live your life hiding from mirrors the next time you go for a cut. Let’s go!

Right Haircut for Your Face Shape
Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

Get to Know Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is key in learning the benefits of choosing the right cut. But how does one determine exactly what face shape they are?

Well, the one and only way (apart from guessing, which would be inaccurate), is allowing a flexible tape measurer help you out.
Go ahead and measure the following:

  • Face length needs to be measured from the centre of hairline to the very tip of your chin.
  • Jawline should be measured from the tip of your chin to just below your ear – and multiplied by two.
  • Cheekbones. Measure from the outer corner of your right eye, across the bridge of your nose – to the corner of your other left eye.
  • Forehead should be measured from one eyebrow arch to the opposite arch, across your face

Now that you have measured these four elements, you’ll be able to identify which of the following face shapes most closely resembles yours:

  • Triangular: Jawline will be greater than the cheekbones – which will measure larger than the forehead.
  • Heart: Forehead will be longer than the jawline and cheekbones.
  • Oval: Forehead will be longer than the jawline, and face length greater than the width of cheekbones.
  • Rectangle: The greatest measurement will be face length – the rest will all be similar in size.
  • Square: Square face is defined by all measurements being fairly similar – with a sharp jaw angle (rather than round).
  • Diamond: Face length will be the largest measurement, followed by cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.
  • Round: Face length and cheekbones will have a similar length and will be larger than the forehead and jawline (which will also have a similar measurement). The jaw will have a softer, less defined angle.

Hairstyles for triangular faces

Thinner cheekbone and temple area – that’s what defines a triangular face shape. With this particular face shape, you may want to add volume and width to the top of your head by opting for longer hair. A beard (well-groomed and thick) is a good way to disguise the more dramatic angles of your jawline. A fringe is also a good way of making your forehead look thicker, that way reducing the appearance of a strong chin.

Hairstyles for triangular face
Haircut for triangular face
curly hair?

Hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped face will be wider at the temples and the hairline, but narrower towards the chin.
Going for cuts that are tight are not a good option – as they tend to accentuate the width of the forehead and narrowness of the chin. Going for a mid-length or longer, swept haircut is a safe choice – and it’ll help soften the strong forehead.

You can also use facial hair to add bulk to the narrow chin/ jawline. A nice, strong beard will help you make the jawline seem fuller and less narrow.

Hairstyles for heart-shaped face
Hairstyle for heart-shaped face
heart shaped face

Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces

If you have an oval shape face, then you’ve been blessed with a well-proportioned and symmetrical look. Oval-shaped faces should stay away from fringed hairstyles, as that could make your face look rounder. Adding volume at the top could help elongate features.

Shorter haircuts are the way to go for an oval shape, as that helps make up for the rounder features with a side parting.

Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces
Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces

Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces
for oval-shaped face

Hairstyles for rectangle-shaped faces

Rectangle face shapes are quite unique – and hairstyles should be carefully tweaked to ensure the face doesn’t seem longer. The sides shouldn’t be cut too short if you’re keeping the length on top – because that would accentuate the length of the face too much. A style that lets hair fall to the sides – or even across the forehead – would be best.

You may want to steer away from a beard, as that could only elongate the face. I know – sad times.

FrenchCrop Hairstyles for rectangle-shaped
FrenchCrop Hairstyles for rectangle-shaped
FrenchCrop Hairstyle for rectangle-shaped Face

Hairstyles for square faces

With its even proportions and a strong jawline, the square face is probably the most masculine of the face shapes. Its versatility means that both short and long hairstyles work with this face shape, so if you’re square-faced – consider yourself a lucky man. Buzz cuts, quiffs and French crops will all look good on a square face – but be mindful of cutting your hair too short, so that you don’t look too much like you’re off to the army.

Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk for square face
Hairstyles for square
Hairstyles for square

Hairstyles for diamond faces

Diamond shaped faces are defined by their length and a fairly pointy chin. Longer hair is always a good choice for diamond-shaped faces – and a layered haircut will soften the more angular features.

For diamond-faced dudes, a messy fringe or a wavy side parting will also help in balancing the length of their forehead. Going too short on the sides isn’t recommended – as the face will look wider.

Hairstyles for diamond face
diamond face
Hairstyles for diamond face
Hairstyles for diamond face

Hairstyles for round faces

For circular faces, you should seriously consider a short back and sides hairstyles – as these are ideal in making your head appear longer. A side-swept fringe will give contrast to wider cheekbones – and, if you add a well-trimmed side, you’ll be left with a masculine, sharper look.
Spiked hair, or any hairstyles that are styled upwards will also help make a round face appear longer. French crops and pomps are your friends, too.

for round faces
for round faces
pomp haircut

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