David Beckham Hairstyles: How To Achieve The Short Haircut

by Updated on June 6, 2018

Do you want to achieve David Beckham hairstyles? He’s mastered the art of ball! And he’s been the envy of both men and women for his life achievements. Plus, guess what? He has more than $300 million of net worth. But these things are not the only ones that make him a sought after celebrities on earth.

David Beckham Hairstyles

For decades, David has impressed us with his changing gorgeous hairstyles, which have been the styling guides for many men of his age. He also set the trends for men’s grooming with his impeccable haircuts that seem to be some of the staples in many barbershops. There is no doubt though that David has the hair fashion sense!

David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham Hairstyles

Royal Wedding David Beckham Hairstyles

david haircut

David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham Hairstyles

How to achieve the short hairstyle

Do you want to achieve a fresh appearance or the boy-next-door look? Get the David Beckham short hair that had been one of the most popular looks of the 90s. Well, this decade had been also a memorable part of hairstyling, and in fact, the short haircut popularity has been coming back again.

  • With your clean and towel dried hair, start combing your hair towards the back of your head from the front.
  • Start pushing your hair forward from your head’s crown using your hand’s palm. Keep doing it until your hair starts parting at your hairline.
  • Look for the middle part of your head, and then divide hair into two equal parts. Start combing one left and then the other on the right. You should create a straight center portion that will part down in your head’s middle.
  • Apply texturizing your hair with a hairstyling product, and then start blow-drying the divided sections with your dryer’s nozzle facing down.
  • To achieve a better result, you should use light texturizing clay that will improve your hair’s volume especially if you have thinner hair. For a bit of control, you can also use thicker clay.

Bonus Style: Braids

Another must-try Beckham hairstyle is the braid’s style. Here is how to style it. Take note, however, you should not use this style if you do not have the type of hair to pull it off. You can still have the braiding vibe by combining it with a man bun. Go minimal. Start with only one braid to run alongside the up do. You may also separate your hair sections.

There you have how to style the David Beckham short hairstyle look plus a bonus braids style for men who want to experiment on his hairstyles.

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