Achieving The David De Gea Haircut: Simple Tutorial

by Updated on June 19, 2018

There is a lot going on in David De Gea’s haircut. It’s neatly trimmed on both sides and at the back of the head. However, the front and top layers are lengthy that they almost reach the back of the head when pulled back. We have seen David tying his hair at the back of his head in one of his games, making his hair playful and sporty.

His hair is balanced by his thick beard that covers his jawline up to the base of his cheeks. We can conclude that this haircut suits for men with hairy face and straight hair texture. It also brings a lot of character of the person wearing it.

If you’re a David De Gea’s fan, you’d probably seen him play football and he is damn good. Moreover, he’s fashion and hair trend also became popular among fans and regular folks.

Achieving his haircut is not as hard as you think. Here are some tricks and tutorials you can follow to pull off this style.

David De Gea Haircut

David De Gea Haircut

David De Gea Haircut

David De Gea Haircut

Keeping your hair long and trimmed

  • The longer layer is achieved by allowing your hair to grow for several months before heading to your barber to style it this way.
  • The longer layer should be at least five inches long. This is to allow you to comb it to the back of your head without bouncing back to the front of your face.
  • Both sides are nicely trimmed and maintained as well. The base is neatly shaved while achieving gradual thickness as it reaches the top layers.
  • The bushy beard is another additional accessory to complement this hairstyle. If you have similar amount of hair to grow on your face, by all means grow it nicely like Dave De Gea. It adds to the texture and character of the hairstyle.

Achieving the David De Gea hairstyle: Simple Tutorial

  1. Grow your hair for at least five or six inches of the top layers and front of the forehead. This is enough length for a playful styling to be carried out.
  2. Shave the base on both sides and gradually adjust the blade’s thickness as it reaches the top layers. There should be gradual hair volume up to the top.
  3. The top layers are cut in layers for another styling pattern.
  4. For a more playful style, tie the longer layers at the back of your head.

To keep this good-looking style, shave the base on both sides frequently. Make sure that they don’t outgrow the mid and top layers.

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