Different Men Hairstyle (Types) and Hair Products to Apply.

by Updated on April 13, 2018

Men, alike women have hair types ranging from straight hair to kinky hair types. All these diverse textures require different ways of maintenance as well as specific hair products best suited for each. Men hairstyles and grooming depends greatly on the type of texture of an individual. This article purposes to be a guide to all men globally given that their hair types depend mostly on their races. Hairstyles and haircuts in men is important for their image.

According to my research there are four main types of hair textures; Straight, Curly, Coiled and kinky hair.

#1.Straight Hair

Straight Hair
Straight Hair

These hair types are most commonly associated with Caucasians. It is silky and hefty. Often, it grows straight without a single curve except when flat ironed. Evidently it is the easiest hair to manage due to its smoothness. It tends to grow faster than all the other four types. It is more elastic and the production of sebum from the scalp prevents or rather minimizes hair loss and retains moisture making the hair less likely to break. This hair type rarely experiences hair dryness. Moreover it is tough and strong and it is less likely to tear when combing or washing.

However straight hair hairstyles are limited due to the fact that it cannot be easily manipulated. This could get boring at times. Men with this kind of hair also complain of lack of volume due to thinness. Older male Caucasians have thinner hair as it tends to thin more as aging occurs.

Hairstyles for Straight Hair.
Due to the thinning factor straight hairs require hairstyles that bring out more volume or detract attention from the thinning factor. Slicked back variants, undercuts, comb overs, texturing are some of the hairstyles such types would consider. Hairstyle choices depend on an individual and the right hairstyle could change ones image. Further men with straight hair are advised to keep a beard regardless of the size to bring out the aspect of ‘facial fullness’. Here are some examples of hairstyles.

* Short Spiky Hair.

* Long Hairstyle

Products to Use on Straight Hair.

Matte Products. Matte products come in different varieties depending on preferences. Such include Clay, paste or fibre. These products add texture to hair without a shine thus a suitable product for straight hair.

Styling Products. Styling creams come in handy especially when there is need to control hair ‘madness’ . Other products include hair waxes and hair sprays.

#2: Wavy Hair.

Wavy Hair
Wavy Hair

These type of hair is not so much different from straight hair only that as it grows it curves like a wave. The ideal size of this hair is medium-length.This hair is thought to be the ideal hair for most guys. It is easy to style and maintain due to its smoothness. Moreover it appears more voluminous as compared to straight hair. Their curls are more loose as compared to coiled hair.Nonetheless curly hair is more prone to frizz.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair.
* Natural medium length waves. In this style, you do not need to reduce the hair fully up-to the scalp, just trim it.Leave a half inch on the sides or on the back and use pomade or a styling cream to hold the hair firm.

Hairstyles best suited for this hair include messy sorts and side parts for medium length hair. The longer the hair grows the more hairstyles it can accommodate such as the man bun. However people with wavy hair are advised to keep their hands off it except when styling due to its high probability of frizzing. Lack or no care routine for the hair leads to edge-less curls.

Hair Products.
Leave in conditioners are necessary every time the hair is washed .Hair waxes and pomades are also advised. To prevent frequent events of frizz, anti-frizz hairstyles are advised. A good styling cream is also fundamental. Other products that may be of help include hair mousse, a wide tooth comb (thin combs lead to breakage of hair) and a hair dryer.

#3: Coiled Hair Types.

This hair type has curls tighter than the wavy type. The curls appear spiral-like as they grow. The hair coils itself right from the scalp. It is easy t define perfect curls when properly maintained. Unlike straight hair, styling coiled hair is hard especially after bad care routine.

Hairstyles for Coiled Hair
* Faded undercut: Get your sides and your nape faded and use styling gel to hold your hair on top. The thicker the hair the better the look.
The military haircut is suitable for medium sized or short hair whereas the shake and go is suitable for medium sized hair.Growling and maintaining good hair is a journey and one needs to be very patient while doing it.

  • Hair Products
    Investing in a good styling cream or gel is key. Use of wax is not advised. Include a good shampoo, treatment and a leave in conditioner during wash day. This moisturizes the hair adequately leaving you feeling fresh. Other products advised include a wide tooth comb, pomade, a hair dryer and extra virgin olive oil. It is a great conditioner for curly hair and it also coats the tips of the curls o prevent breakage when washing.

#4: Kinky Hair

Kinky hair, also known as Afro-textured hair is the curliest of all the other types. It is mostly found in blacks from the African origin but it can also be found in other ethnic groups.The curls are entangled together so tightly, it is difficult to tell them apart. Kinky hair has the most volume compared to the others. It is very buoyant. It also offers a large surface for styling mostly using clips and bands.Nevertheless, Kinky hair takes the longest time to grow (even up to 4 years). It shrinks when exposed to water or cold conditions. Since it lacks enough curl definitions, it requires a disciplined care routine that should be followed constantly to maintain good hair.

  • Hairstyles for Kinky Hair.
    Clean cut .low fade. This is a great choice for men because it gives a clean look especially on the sides.A low fade simply means that hair is cut such that it starts to lessen on the hairline and on the side. The curved line on the side is gives the look an extra sass. The most popular hairstyle among men is the Afro hairstyle. This is backed up by the great volume of the hair. Other hairstyles great for such hair are High Top Fade and Fade haircut. Dreadlocks are also common for people with kinky hair.The likes of Bob Marley are examples of men with such kinky hair.
  • Hair Products for Kinky Hair
    Hair wax and pomade are NOT advised for such hair types. Just like coiled hair, consider use of a natural hair shampoo, a good treatment cream, a good leave in or wash conditioner during wash day. Deep conditioning is also advised every two weeks. Coconut oil, olive oil, Aloevera juice are highly advised especially to maintain moisture and soften hair. They also increase the rate of growth of the hair. A wide comb tooth and Afro picks are advised s compared to Afro combs to prevent hair breakage while combing.

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