Donald Trump Hair Tutorial

by Updated on June 3, 2018

The US President and multibillionaire business tycoon Donald Trump has been the center of conspiracy theories (about him winning the presidency), his order to build a wall bordering the US and Mexico, and some other executive orders he signed. But enough of these political issues for a while. Let’s discuss the lighter side of the influential man – his hairstyles.

Donald Trump’s hairstyle has been subject to hilarious memes in social media. But do you know that aside from his wealth, his hairstyle is one of his iconic identities? A Caucasian man with hair as gold as cornsilk – that’s Donald Trump.

But do you know that there are reasons why the US President wears his hair that way? If you notice, he has a very thin hair and relatively wide forehead. This is why he needs to style his hair a little longer at the front and puff it a little bit to create some volume on the side.

If you have the same features as Donald Trump, you might want to try his style in this Donald Trump hair Tutorial.

Donald Trump Haircut

Donald Trump haircut

Donald Trump

How to Achieve the Donald Trump Hairstyle?

To achieve Donald Trump’s hairstyle, you need to let your remaining hair grow a bit longer.
Step 1. Wash your hair using a very gentle shampoo and conditioner. Thin hair needs superfluouscaring compared when it was thicker.

Step 2.Air dry your hair. Do not use hair blower as it causes further damage.

Step 3. When you have achieved the desired length, comb it to the back of your head

Step 4. Also run a comb on both sides and slightly puff to achieve volume.

Step 5. To let the style sets for a longer time, use a soft hold styling gel before combing your hair.

Step 6. Maintain this style by combing it back after a few hours or as frequent as needed. Remember, thin hair tends to get messy during windy and hot days. So keep your cool.

Who Needs to Wear This Haircut?

The Donald Trump haircut is suited for men who have receding hairline and wider forehead. The volume of hair slightly contoured above the forehead will create a breakage – an image illusion hiding what needs to be kept secret.

This also suits for men with thinning hair. If you begin to notice that your crowning glory is not getting any thicker, you need a cover up to hide the flaws.

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