The Drake Haircut: Achieving Drake’s Best Looks

by Updated on May 8, 2018

Rapper, musician, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur – those are just a few of the things Drake is known for. He has done a great deal of things in his life that have inspired a lot of people – and has received tons of praise for those things.

But you know what else we can’t help but admire? You guessed it: his hair.

Drake’s haircut is often simple – so simple, that some of you may be wondering whether there is anything to learn from it at all.

But – remember the sayings, ‘simplicity is key’ and ‘less is more’? Well, those are the truths that Drake’s hair is the perfect example of – and we dig that.

So, let’s take a look at 3 of his coolest haircuts – and see if we can replicate the style.

#1: Short Afro + Short Facial Hair

Drake Short Afro + Short Facial Hair
Short Afro + Short Facial Hair

Drake wasn’t always the buzz cut guy we know him as – and there were days when he did prefer a more natural look. Short, curly Afro with facial hair is a style that many young hip-hop stars opt for at the start of their career – and Drake was part of the crew.

How to get the look:

  • #1: If you’ve been blessed with ridiculously cool Afro hair – then we envy you. At the barber’s, ask for a #5 or #6 cut. There will be enough hair left on your head for a short Afro – but it will look neat.
  • #2: As the Afro is in the centre of attention in this particular style, going for a beard too wouldn’t be recommended – unless it’s really short (or is just a stubble). That’s to avoid an overgrown (aka ‘caveman’) look – and to keep things trendy.

#2: Short Buzz Cut + Fade + Facial Hair

Short Buzz Cut + Fade + Facial Hair

Meet the iconic look that is often associated with Drake – the buzz cut. He has been rocking the look for years – and he does it exceptionally well. Premiers, gigs, events – the buzz cut has been his loyal companion to all of these for years! Simple and easy to look after – the buzz cut is ideal for a man with a busy schedule.
How to get the look:

  • #1: At the barber’s, ask for a short buzz cut – ideally, using clipper size #2 or #3, if you’re after Drake’s length.
  • #2: Drake’s buzz cut isn’t achieved with one uniform grade all over the head – there is a slight mid-fade that’s part of the show. Ask your barber for that – and for the fade, your cut will need to be either #0 or #1.
  • #3: When it comes to facial hair – it’s your call. Drake has gone for a full, short beard which covers a good portion of his face – but you can decide whether you go all out or go for something a little more low-key.

#3: Longer Buzz Cut + Fade + Strong Beard

Longer Buzz Cut
Longer Buzz Cut + Fade + Strong Beard

Now, if a short buzz cut doesn’t cut it for you – then the longer cut may be just the right option. Some may feel that a short buzz cut is a little too daring, particularly because your scalp is on show.

For those of you who feel this way, the longer version of the buzz cut is likely to be a better option. Plus, jazzing it up with a beard is a great idea. It creates a cool, less ‘Grammy Awards’ and more ‘a chilled day in the studio’ look.
How to get the look:

  • #1: As this particular buzz cut isn’t too short, ask your barber for a #4 or #5 cut. This will still leave some hair on your head, creating a neat look that doesn’t show your scalp.
  • #2: For the fade, ask for a #0 or #1 to achieve a clean, neat shave on the sides and back. This look can also be achieved with tapered, longer sides – but to achieve the iconic fade + buzz cut, you’ll need to welcome shaved sides into your life.
  • #: Drake rocks a full beard in this particular style – but if opting a full beard isn’t an option, you can always go for a shorter cut. It’ll still look awesome!

Check Other Drake Hairstyle Below.

Drake Haircut
Buzz cut

Drake Afro Hairstyle
Drake Afro Hairstyle
Drake Haircut
Longer Buzz Cut
Drake Buzz cut + Fade
Buzz cut + Fade

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