16 Best French Crop Haircut: How to Get + Styling Guide

by Updated on June 16, 2018

The French crop haircut is one of the most in demand and practical men’s hairstyles to try! It is a salon favorite of men who dare to flaunt a new and amazing look! Choose this hairstyle if you want to experiment and try creative styles because the French crop haircut is oh so versatile too!

The French Crop Haircut

It is one of the low maintenance hairstyles for busy men like you. For many decades, it is the chosen haircut, which has the signature style of having longer hair on top and shorter on the back and sides, and then the top hair is slicked back to a side or hanging down over the forehead.

Styling the French crop hairstyle

A texture, light-hold lotion to clean dry hair or a stronger hold hair cream for medium to fine hair types can be used.

Hair pomade for styling French crop haircut is also useful because it can hold, texture, and add a slick hair finish.

Asking your barber to keep the men’s French crop hair length

Go to the barbershop and ask your hairstylist to maintain the length of your men’s French crop. You can also ask him to clip or cut the sides to up its style.

In addition, you may want to ask the barber to style it with a rugged look by making a point cut on the head’s top to add both volume and texture.

On the other hand, you can also ask your hairstylist to make a blunt cut for a new, smart and cool hair appearance. This style will make a flat and tidy hairstyle. The back and the sides can also be clipped for a modern hairstyle.

Getting the hairstyle

The Ceasar cut, another name for the French crop, is a popular and trendy hairstyle that you can try for yourself.

  1. Have the sides cut short to your desired length with a clipper. Or you can also print a photo of a sample French crop hairstyle so that he can understand what you want to achieve on the length of the hairstyle to do on you.
  2. To achieve better volume and texture, you must have the top portion cut so that it will also look ragged. Another option would be to get a blunt cut on the top for a flat and neat appearance.
  3. Have the sides and back clipped to achieve a contrasting top hair appearance.
  4. Keep the style in shape with a hairstyling product. Apply gel or pomade on your hair.
  5. Have the top cut to your desired length.
  6. Get the back and sides clipped so that you can have a contrasted look on the top head.
  7. Do away with the split ends by trimming the ends. You can also have your hair on top styled slicked back to a side, over the forehead or to the front.

French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut
French Crop Haircut
French Crop Haircut
French Crop Haircut
French Crop Haircut
French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut + beard

French Crop Haircut + Skin Fade

French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut

french crop + beard

French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut

Some French Crop Hairstyle Choices

  1. With the undercut: The sides are undercut for a contrasting appearance, while the top hair is point cut to achieve some projections over the forehead.
  2. The versatile, low maintenance classic: This style has sharp edges because of the clipping and cutting both the sides and back, while the top hair can be point cut to reduce much weight for men with thick hair.
  3. The textured and blonde: You can also try this hairstyle if you want to add some color into your life. It is distinguishable for it top that is maintained to a medium length. And to add more texture on the haircut, your barber may use a styling product, adding texture to the top and sides of the hair.
  4. The longer French crop hairstyle: It is distinguished with some of the top head hair left longer, but the overall style ahs the balance with the back and sides, flaunting a great French hairstyle for you.

Interesting, aren’t they? You don’t have to wait for tomorrow to achieve the French crop haircut. Go ahead and pay your barber a visit. You may want to use some of the photos we’ve shared here for a reference on the kind of French crop hairstyle you want to achieve. Finally, don’t forget to take care of your trendy hairstyle to keep hair shiny, smooth and healthy.

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