The G-Eazy Haircut: How to Achieve His Signature Look

by Updated on May 9, 2018

The man who sold most of his belongings to fund his rapping career, G-Easy never lacked charisma.

But music and charisma aren’t the only two things he is known for – it’s also his super distinctive style many can’t help but fall in love with.

Inspired by Johnny Cash, G-Eazy goes all out when it comes to style – both in terms of his outfits (awesome leather jackets, to be more specific!), and hairstyles. The moment you hear his name, you immediately think of his perfected, 1940s-inspired slick back with a hard side parting – or his signature style.

It’s a hairstyle that turns us green with envy. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to style this uber cool look – today is your lucky day. We’ll be decoding his unique style – and giving you tips on how to turn your hair into it.

Let’s get stylin’!

Low-Fade with Textured Slick Back
Low-Fade with Textured Slick Back
G-Eazy Hair
combed away from the part
Comb Over Slicked Back
Comb Over Slicked Back

About G-Eazy Haircut

The musician admits that his hairstyle has been significantly influenced by Johnny Cash – the legendary music artist so well-known for his slightly greasy, but cool cut.
The defining features of G-Eazy haircut are:

  • #1: Side parting (hard).
  • #2: His hair isn’t voluminous like a pomp or a quiff – but falls flat on the head. It’s cool – we like that.
  • #3: His hair is combed away from the part.
  • #4: The hair is super shiny and sleek – but it never looks gross and greasy.

How to achieve His Haircut

The good news about the cut is that it isn’t only an uber cool, distinctive look – but it is also pretty easy to master.

You’ll need to have grown your hair for a few months, so you have the right length to work with – but apart from that, with a bit of guidance – your barber will be able to nail the look easily.

The key elements of G-Eazy haircut are the tapered sides and longer top. The hair on top should be about 3-4 inches long. The sides should be tapered using a clipper set to grade 3 or 4 (haircut number #3 or #4). This means that the sides will be nice and short, but not as short as they would be if you went for a fade haircut.

G-Eazy Best Haircut
G-eazy in Berber Shop

How to style the look (Hair Tutorial)

Styling the look isn’t rocket science, either. Inspired by the 40s, the look is all about the sleek and shiny texture – but the hair doesn’t look greasy.

G-Eazy plays around with the style a little – sometimes he goes for the messy vibes, sometimes it’s nice and slicked back. How you choose to customize it is up to you – but here’s how to style his signature look:

Step #1: Wash your hair and condition it to avoid any flyaways. We want the hair to be as slick as it can be – and we need it to be manageable.

Step #2: Now, grab some strong-hold pomade – ideally, a dime-sized amount. Warm it in your hands before applying.

Step #3: The next step is working the pomade through your locks. Make sure you coat the underside of your hair, too.

Step #4: Add the side parting: use a wide-toothed comb and create a parting from your crown to the front of your head.

Step #5: Move the hair that’s on both sides of the parting away from it.

Step #6: Now, Use the wide-toothed comb again and comb your hair away from the  – back and across parting Use the free hand to smooth it down if it’s being unruly.

Step #7: Continue combing your hair until a desired result is achieved. You can use a little bit more of the pomade if needed. Tip: using a pomade with high gloss would be ideal.

More Pictures Below.

G-Eazy Best Haircut
G-Eazy Color Hair
G-Eazy Best Haircut
Slick Black

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