The Gareth Bale Haircut: Tips on Achieving His Looks

by Updated on June 3, 2018

Man bun. That’s the first thing that comes to our minds when we see Carath Bale Haircut. If other football players wear their hair clean and short, Carath Bale wears his locks long. They are tied at the back of his head. But we have to agree that his long hair does not make him less of a hottie on the field.

It makes you look stand out at the beach, in a party, or in a casual meeting. Tying it neat and clean will make you rock a casual meeting or a formal occasion indeed.

So what does it take to rock with Carath Bale haircut? Let’s find out in this stylish hairstyle tutorial.

The Gareth Bale Haircut

Gareth Bale Haircut

Gareth Bale haircut

Gareth Bale haircut

Gareth Bale haircut

How to Rock On with Carath Bale Haircut?

Step 1. You need to let your hair grow. Like grow it long. Even longer. It will take you a year of not cutting your hair to achieve this length.

Step 2. To style it with trimmed sides and bottom layer, ask your barber to have a nice run of razor at the bottom layer. Nicely trim the edges, giving it a sharp style.

Step 3.Leave most of the longer parts on.

Step 4.Grab a band and tie it at the back of your head.

Step 5. Clean up the bottom layer by sharpening the edges. Once the long locks are tied up at the back of your head, the razor clean cut will show.

Maintaining the Carath Bale haircut

  • This is the fun part. Wash your hair frequently and apply conditioner. The conditioner will help you maintain a smooth and soft hair.
  • Dry your hair. If you’re not in hurry, let it air dry to avoid getting frizzy.
  • Use hair blower as seldom as possible.
  • Let your hair loose at the end of the day to let air in your scalp. This will also help you get back the natural shape of the hair and not let the band mark stay longer.
  • To maintain the neat trim at the bottom, just run a razor on the original pattern.
  • To ensure that you don’t mess with the long hair, tie it back first before running the razor on the trimmed part.

Hairstyle like Carath Bale’s become popular for men who want to wear their hair longer than the usual. Not cutting your hair for quite a while does not mean you go out of style. Instead, it is more stylish and speaks of your character.

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