How To Style A Hard Part: 20 Awesome Hard Part Haircuts

by Updated on July 6, 2018

What is the hard part haircut? This style is notable for a modern spin given to a classic haircut. Sometimes, the style is referred to as the side part line or the razor line haircut – that gives the finished look of the hard parting on the cut.

In general, it is also known as the expansion of the side part, a classic hair trend that never fades. The hard part is combined with other classic haircuts, including the layered, pompadour, combover, spiky haircut and brushup.

If you’re looking to achieve the thick razor haircut, you can! In fact, you can also combine it with other modern haircuts that will give you that distinct and unique style you’ve been looking to get.

How to Get the Hard Part

  1. Prepare your hair. Wet it in the area where to get the hard part. Make a straight line on your scalp.
  2. Part the hair using a comb or just follow the existing part. The hard part must be off center.
  3. Run the razor to make the hard part’s pathway. It won’t be the final shave but it will just be the marking for the start and end of the hard part.
  4. Apply shaving gel for easy shaving or cutting. It is better to use than a shaving cream is. The barber will now proceed to the actual shaving before the hard part trimming.
  5. Finish off in styling the hard part using trimmers.
  6. Do touchups regularly to prevent the stubbles from growing and ruining the look.

#1: Pomp + Hard Part

Get the pomp plus hard part and add a twist to your conventional pompadour look. If you need to get hair inspiration, print out this photo now!

Pomp + Hard Part

#2: Skin Fade + Hard Part

The skin fade with a hard part haircut looks amazingly cool! You may want to get the look for a casual or formal function. Be sure to use the right hairstyling products to achieve the hold and the hair definition.

Skin Fade With Hard Parts
Skin Fade

#3: Spike + Side Hard Part

For men who dare to be different, they try the spike + side hard part. It looks gorgeous and works perfectly for any function or occasion, whether you’re attending a business event or going to school.

Spike Side Hard Part
Spike + Side

#4: Short Spiky + Hard Part

Do you want some spikes on your hair? Try a good hairstyling product to achieve the hold. Make use of a product for that added shine and moisture, too. Any man would look dashing with this excellently stylish hairstyle.

Short Spiky + Hard Part
Short Spiky + Hard Part

#5: Medium Spike + Hard Part

Quite a longer spike hairstyle with the hard part is what this hair fashion is about. It also has distinct line on the side that makes a man look fiercer with a more defined look and appeal.

Medium Spike + Hard Part
Medium Spike

#6: Texture Crop + Hard Part

Get the texture crop haircut with the hard part on the sides. No matter your hair color or face shape is, the hairstyle would look cool on you. Just get regular maintenance and trimming to keep the great hair fashion on you.

Texture Crop with Hard Part
Texture Crop

#7: Big Crop + Short Hard Part

The big crop looks messy on top and well trimmed on the sides with hair cut close to the skin. With a more defined touch and finish is a side line. Get the look by printing this photo out or showing it to your barber.

Big Crop with Short Hard Part
Big Crop + Short Hard Part

#8: Pompadour + Part

The pomp is a timeless classic. And with this hairstyle, it even looks more magnificent. A man looking to wear a different style and achieve a manly appeal to the ladies must really try this look.

Pompadour + Part
Pompadour + Part

#9: Part Detail

This haircut with a part detail looks like a masterpiece for us. See those distinct and unique side lines plus a matching beard makes this man fiercer with more appeal.

Part Detail
Part Detail

#10: FoHawk + Extra Part

Wow – this is the only word we can think of seeing this hairstyle. It looks very fashionable and unique with the extra part that makes it a personalized and stylish hairstyle any man will be proud of wearing daily.

FoHawk + Extra Part
FoHawk + Extra Part

#11: Hawk Crop + Curved Surgical Line

This hawk crop haircut plus the curved surgical line would look more distinguishable for a man with a hair color. But with or without hair dye, any man looking to achieve a new hair fashion should really try this one.

Hawk Crop + Curved Surgical Line
Hawk Crop + Curved Surgical Line

#12: Drop Fade + Hard Side Part

Get the drop fade and achieve that neat and sleek look for your formal or casual getup. Use a wide-toothed comb to blow dry and style it with a hairstyling product for that firm hold.

Drop Fade + Hard Side Part
Drop Fade + Hard Side Part

#13: Skin Fade + Hard Part

This skin fade haircut looks outstanding and debonair. Look neat without losing that fierce in your personality. Steal the look by showing this to your barber on your next visit.

Skin Fade + Hard Part
Skin Fade

#14: Classic Cut

The classic cut hairstyle is finished with a bang! See that design part on the side? You can also get and maintain the look with regular trimming. If desired, you can ask your barber to add more designs as you see fit.

Classic Cut
Classic Cut

#15: Skin Fade + Two hard lines

Check out the skin fade haircut with two hard lines that makes this style unique. Stand out among the crowd with the style to maintain with a styling product for hold and shine.

Skin Fade + Two hard lines
Skin Fade + Two hard lines

#16: Spiky Hair + Shape Up

The spiky haircut with a shape up is designed and finished with some spikes on top. To achieve the look, you will need a good styling hair product for both shine and hold. Steal the look and wear that fierce and cool hair appeal today!

Spiky Hair + Shape Up
Spiky Hair + Shape Up

#17: Combover + Hard Part

This combover haircut is perfect for men of any hair color and face shape. A new twist is added with the hard part that makes it look more distinguishable.

Combover + Hard Part

#18: Layered Cut

Men with thicker hair or those who want to achieve a volumized illusion for their hair must get the layered cut for their new haircut.

Layered Cut
Layered Cut

#19: Drop Fade + Raw Parting

Totally cool and different, the drop fade with the raw parting makes the style even more distinct and appealing. Check it out and achieve a new hairstyle today!

Drop Fade + Raw Parting
Drop Fade + Raw Parting

Check out these hard part haircuts and get a new hairstyle today!

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