Harry Styles Hairstyles: Characteristics + Hair Tutorial

by Updated on June 7, 2018

Here’s another fashion and hairstyle icon from One Direction. The long wavy locks have been Harry Styles’ do since their debut album as a group. Now that he’s going solo, he maintains his signature look. Today, he cut his shoulder length hair and maintains it well like a short barber style. Still, cool by the way.

Harry Styles has created a new trend when it comes to men wearing longer hair. It is 70s and 80s no more but this young artist made this hairstyle in once again. So now you have the idea how men wear their locks back in the days.

Not that Harry Styles’ haircut is so retro. No. He created his own trend, his own style that fits the fashion today. Here are some features of Harry Styles’ haircut and how you can achieve similar look.

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Harry Styles Hairstyle

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Characteristics of Harry Styles haircut

When it comes to styling your longer locks, here are some points you need to know – the Harry Styles’ way:

  1. This hairstyle works for natural wavy hair.
  2. You can also rock this with your straight hair but you cannot achieve the same style and volume.
  3. It’s more pleasant and appealing to look at when you have some highlights on as they create dimensional look on the hair.
  4. It is easy to maintain and style. All you need are your fingers to comb them or tousle them around.

Harry Styles Haircut: Tutorial

  1. Wash your hair clean. Apply some conditioner for manageable hair. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a hair blower but don’t do this very often as it may damage your hair.
  2. Run a hairbrush all over your hair as it dries. This will create the volume you wanted. Plus it makes hair softer.
  3. Apply from conditioner on dry hair and comb it well. You can also use your fingers for easy styling.

This hairstyle is easy to maintain. Just have it trimmed for two weeks or so.

Accomplishing the Harry Hair Styles

First, you must grow your hair longer, like four to five inches long. This will give the barber enough length to work on the look you want to achieve. If you want to get the dimensional of this haircut, you can ask for some highlights on your hair.

Your hair will be cut in layers. The front part will be a little bit longer and thicker than the side and back. This allows you to sweep your hair on either side and still achieve the best volume.

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