Hugh Jackman Short Hairstyle: How to Get [2018]

by Updated on June 20, 2018

Hugh Jackman has always been professional and confident. He’s known for his acting prowess in movies like X Men and Logan. But aside from coming across as very supreme in his acting, he is also popular for his hairstyles that always look cool no matter what.

Dashing and handsome, Hugh Jackman never fails to impress us all! He consistently is an idol for both men and women around the world. There is no doubt that men want to copy his hairstyle. Now if you want to achieve his look, check out the following for the tips on how to steal his short hairstyle.

Short Straight Casual

Straight Casual
Straight Casual

Short Straight Casual
Short Straight Casual

Hugh Jackman Short Hairstyle

Hugh Jackman Short Hairstyle

Hugh Jackman Short Hairstyle

How to Get Hugh Jackman Hairstyle

You should go to your barber and ask him to cut the sides and back of your hair with scissors to about an inch in length.

But then, the barber will leave the hair resting on top of your ears. However, we would like to note that you might also want to bring a photo of him with you so that your barber can copy Hugh Jackman’s look exactly.

The barber will then gather a middle section of your hair for cutting at about two and a half inches to serve as a guide that will connect hair’s remaining portion to it. To achieve the hairstyle, the barber will make sure that the haircut will not be left long on any side of the head.

Finishing the look

For finishing the hairstyle, the barber will then be blow drying it with a round brush and then pulling hair to the right to produce some volume coming from the roots. When the hair is dry, the barber is going to point cut into your hair to add some texture to the style. It will also let the hair care product to flow through your hair.

Point cutting

Tip about point cutting: It must be done when the hair is dry so that the texture can be added to the right places.

Adding texture

A texture enhancer must be used to finish Hugh Jackman style. Warm a small amount of the product in your hands and then apply through your hair. When done, you can push your hair back a bit slightly when it is completely dry for a carefree and confident look.

Are you ready for the Hugh Jackman short hairstyle? Be sure to have your hair trimmed depending on how fast it is growing. Maintain the look with a texture enhancer product. Finally, go ahead and schedule a session with your barber today!

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