J. Cole Haircut

by Updated on April 17, 2018

J Cole hairstyle shows more of one’s personality and character. This hairdo has been in the looks of many young men since locks became popular. But J Cole makes it look cooler and jazzy. J Cole hairstyle has been an inspiration for many hairstylists and icons for men of his age.

These short dreadlocks are seen in several basketball players and other personalities as well. This seems that this rapper has been setting the hairstyle trends for quite a while. Men of his age and followers of his music are also eager to try his hairstyles to see how it looks and feels like to be their idol.

J Cole
J Cole Live On Stage

J cole Dread
J Cole Live On Stage (Lagos)

J. Cole Dread

J. Cole Haircut

J. Cole
J. Cole haircut

J. Cole Buzz Cut
J. Cole Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut + Beard
Buzz Cut + Beard

Dreadlocks Like J Cole As Your Next Style

One of the good things in achieving the J Cole hairstyle is that you don’t have to wait until your hair is shoulder length before you could get this style. This hairstyle suits for men with afro and thick hair. Five or six inches of hair can be transformed in this hairstyle.

To achieve this style, your hair has to have a coarse texture. This gives the volume of the hair and makes it look puffier. Salons and hairstylists have their own ways to achieve this style of locks. There are also proper ways to maintain its look and volume as it grows longer.

What make J Cole hairstyle unique are its sharp edges. Once the locks are done, you can use a sharp blade or your razor to run along the edges to trim any unnecessary hair.

This hairstyle also suits men with slightly or thick beard. You can grow your beard a little longer as it touches your temple. From there on, run the razor and form a line that connects the beard and your mustache. This facial hairstyle makes J Cole hairstyle even cooler.

Wearing It Cool

Even if J Cole hairstyle is not too long to cover your face, it still highlights the other features of your face that you want to show. If you have nice eyes, they can still be seen. It also gives a different portrayal of your personality. Like J Cole, you can be the cool dude with nice dreadlocks and beard.

It is also important to trim the edges and maintain it every week or two. The excess hair that grows will ruin the form of the base, making the J Cole hairstyle a little bit off.

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