The James Rodriguez Haircut: How to Achieve His Signature Look

by Updated on May 28, 2018

James Rodriguez haircut is one of the best modern hairstyles we just love the moment he step on the field wearing it. The edgy, neat and sharp looking style comes with 3-4 inch length at the top that makes it cool whenever you’re wearing football jersey or a well-pressed suit.

We have seen this hairstyle to several football players like Vlad Dragomir, although he’s more of a dark brown to chestnut shade. James’ hairstyle suits his skin tone and enhances the features of his face.

It’s a hairstyle you can proudly wear to emphasize your chiseled jaw, high cheekbones and deep seated eyes. To cut it short, it makes you even more good looking! Here’s how you can achieve James Rodriguez hairstyle on your own.
James Rodriguez combover haircu

Features of James Rodriguez Hairstyle

Here are the cool features of James Rodriguez hairstyle that will make you choose this haircut on your next visit to your barber:

  • It’s clean on both sides with ample layered volume on the top.
  • The top front layer is the longest, allowing it fall on the forehead when not hold in place by a strong hold gel.
  • You can leave it free styled but James Rodriguez always combs it neat and shiny, making it sleeker in not greasy way.
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.
  • It works pretty well with men with clean, non-beardy faces.
  • It makes you look younger.

How to Achieve His Look

If you plan to wear this haircut for the first time, you need to grow your top most hair for at least 4-5 inches long. This will give your barber ample volume to work on.

The main and distinctive feature of James Rodriguez hairstyleis the clean crew cut at both sides with straight volume at the top.

Tutorial For James Rodriguez Hairstyle

The easiest way to achieve this hairstyle is to have your haircut first by an experienced barber and then have it maintained by yourself in the coming months. From the original haircut, you’ll see uneven parts after two to three weeks. Here’s how to style it back:

  • Wash your hair and apply your regular conditioner. This will keep your hair soft and smooth, making it easier to style.
  • Set your razor to your desired length, enough to trim the fast growing side.
  • Use a thinning scissors to trim the edges to the top.
  • Final TIP: Style it by working ample amount of pomade on your palm, running it all the way from top to the bottom layer of the hair. Using a comb, part it on one side and slightly squeeze with your palm to achieve enough volume.

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