Jared Leto Hairstyle

by Updated on June 19, 2018

Jared Leto’s hairstyle is very changeable. We saw him with long hair like Jesus Christ during the latest MET Gala. Then we saw him with his hair neatly tucked at the back of his head in one of GQ cover photo.

Let’s talk about his neat and clean cover photo. This hairstyle has been around for years and we’ve seen celebrities and well-known personalities wear this haircut. But no one has been as mysterious as Jared Leto. Maybe it’s his big blue eyes that bring a different aura in his hairstyle.

Here are some basic tutorials and techniques on how to achieve this mysterious look.

Slick Back

Jared Leto Slick Back
Slick Back

Long Hair

Jared Leto Hairstyles
Jared Leto Long Hair

Slick Back + Beard

Long Slick Back + Beard
Slick Back + Beard

Long hair + Short Beard

Long hair + Short Beard
Long hair + Short Beard

Suiting up for a Jared Leto style

Recreating Jared Leto’s hairstyle can be a little bit of a challenge.

  • First, you need to have a long straight hair. Tucking our hair in place at the back of your head does not work for men with wavy and curly hair.
  • His hairstyle is suited for men with elongated face. The hair neatly combed at the back highlights the shape of the head without overdoing it.
  • There’s something about his beard. This can be debatable especially for men who cannot grow such bushy face. But if you can, rock it on!

Get the Jared Leto hairstyle

Grow your hair longer, just enough to let it touch the base of your nape. This is an easy style to achieve as it only requires you not to cut your hair for months. Once the hair is long enough to get styled, you can start designing it according to your preference.

  • To achieve this look, you need pomade, hair gel. Lots of it. This is to help you hold your hair on place once you combed it.
  • Second, you need a good comb to tailor your hair as desired.
  • Lather pomade on your palm and rub it slightly for a better consistency.
  • Apply the product on your hair. Make sure you apply it on all parts. Add some more if needed.
  • Once the product sets in, comb your hair to the back of your head. Slightly press it to hold it in place.

Styling your hair like Jared is easy. You can wear it prim, proper, and neat or you can wear it loose and relaxed. For every time you wash it, make sure you apply conditioner after shampooing. This is to help maintain the softness and manageability of your longer hair.

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