Karim Benzema Haircut

by Updated on March 18, 2018

Karim Benzema haircut is getting more and more popular these days not because of the football season but because of its neat and sharp look. Men from across the globe are getting intrigued and trying this do as well.

Who would have not loved this haircut? It’s so clean, easy to manage, well maintained. No matter how the bad the weather could get, you’ll always look fresh and clean with this haircut. So do you think this is the next hairdo for you?

How To Get As Sharp as Karim Benzema Haircut

Karim Benzema’s hair is probably done and maintained by his personal barber but you can achieve this look as well. You just need your trusted razor with sharp blade on it. Set your razor to an inch size of the blade and run it over your hair in single direction. Pros do it from forehead down at the back of the head. Running it in one direction makes sure that you don’t miss a spot.

Once the whole head is clean with an inch in length left, adjust the razor again into half an inch and run it from half of the head down to the base. This will give the slightly receding look.

After this, adjust the razor into quarter an inch and run it gradually from the quarter of the head to the base. If you want a cleaner look, set the razor at the thinnest setting and run it at the very base of the head until it looks clean enough.

Get back on the top most of the hair and see if you’re satisfied with the thickness. You can still make it thinner if you prefer.

Run your fingers all over you head to feel any uneven part. Take a look at the mirror and see how you want to style the forefront. Karimbenzema wears it with a slight angle at the middle of his forehead.

You can follow his style by using a thin sharp pair of scissors and cut it on your preferred deep or narrow angle. Clean up the edges with a sharp blade or razor. This haircut goes well for mean with thick beard. You can also adjust the razor to balance your beard with the look of your new Karimbenzema haircut.

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