Kevin De Bruyne Haircut: Features + How To Style

by Updated on May 30, 2018

Neat and nice – that’s the perfect description of Kevin De Bruyne’s hairstyle. The Belgian football playerhas not changed his hairstyle in many seasons he played for the English club Manchester and his national team. Who would like to change the comfort and easy styling in the first place?

Kevin De Bruyne’s hair color is only fixed to two shades – regular blond and light auburn brown. It’s understandable because he wants to maintain how his hair complements his skin tone.

This hairstyle suits for men with blond hair and white complexion. Is this your style? Check how Kevin De Bruyne keeps his neat and nice look with his hairstyle.

Kevin De Bruyne Haircut

Kevin De Bruyne Haircut

Kevin De Bruyne Haircut

Kevin De Bruyne Haircut

Features of Kevin De Bruyne’s hairstyle

  • It’s neat and easy to style. Since it is short layered, you can’t go wrong in styling this haircut. All you need is a soft hold gel to lather on your hair and you’re good to go.
  • The top layer is quiet lengthy than both sides. For men with straight hair, the top most layers will eventually rise up.
  • Both sides are neatly trimmed using a razor. The base layer near the nape and ears are shaved using the thinnest blade.
  • This is a very flexible hairstyle. Its neatness makes it suited for formal and casual occasions. Put on casual shirts and you’re still as sharp as you were wearing a pair of suit.

Initiating your Kevin De Bruyne look

The Kevin De Bruyne hair trend is achievable in these easy steps:

  1. First, visit your barber and describe the look you want to achieve. If you want the full-blown Kevin De Bruyne, you might want to get your hair dyed blonde as well. But if you prefer the dark color as it is, there’ll be no problem at all.
  2. Both sides of this haircut are shaven with slight gradual thickness on its way to the top layers. The gradual thickening is very slight you won’t notice it that much.
  3. The top layers are styled using hair gel. Ensure that you’re using a non-stick gel, enough to slightly keep it on place.
  4. To style it, grab a small portion of the top layers and slightly pull it upward to bring the hair up. Use a comb to part on the left side and let the volume be drawn to the right side of your head.
  5. You can also let it free and loose without styling it.

Maintain this hairstyle by frequently visiting your barber after two weeks or by the time that the hair starts to grow.

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