Kim Jong Un Haircut Tutorial

by Updated on April 19, 2018

If for any reason you’re interested learning how to achieve Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle, you have to stick around for an easy tutorial. The Supreme leader has always been mocked for his awkward looking haircut. Many people even describe his head as looking like a roller ball. Anyway, here is how to get Kim Jong Un’s haircut.

Kim Jong Un Haircut
Kim Jong Un Haircut
Kim Jong Un Haircut
Kim Jong Un Haircut

Kim Jong Un Haircut: The Fade Haircut for Men

Do you want a straight hairline? Tell you barber before letting him cut your hair’s top portion.

If you do, your barber will cut your hair’s front to your desired length. The cutting comb will hold your hair down while following the line of the cutting comb to achieve a straight cut. He may also hold your hair between his middle and index fingers.

He will also cut below his fingers, following their lines for a straight edge. Once he has made the first cut, he’ll make a section measuring one-half inch of the hair coming from the middle part of the head.

Next, he will pull your hair up while combing it smoothly. Then, he’ll hold hair between his middle and index finger and start cutting the section to the guide’s length.

Following, he will pull one-half inch sections from any of the side’s of the part into the initial cut, which he will use as a guide until he achieved a top section, which is cut temple to temple.

After, the barber will take one section from the head’s crown horizontal to the hairline and is at about one-half inch (thickness).

The barber is going to comb the section up, and then cut in a straight direction across. He will then get separate horizontal sections until the entire head’s top is even.

With the top head being the guide, he will then slice one-half inch portions straight down to the other side sections, which are left by the clipper. The barber will then blend these into the top cutting as mentioned above.

But if you like a jagged hairline, the barber will not cut a straight bang but will still use the hair’s front as a guide.

Are You Ready for Kim Jong Un’s Fade Haircut?

Be sure to tell your barber about it when you next visit the barber shop. Also, first determine the length and style you want for the fade haircut for men to achieve your desired look.

Get Kim Jong Un’s look and look like the Supreme North Korean leader today!

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