Louis Tomlinson Haircut: Tips on Achieving His Best Looks

by Updated on June 7, 2018

Louis Tomlinson is one of the most familiar faces of the boy band One Direction. His style has influenced many people of his age and beyond. What make Louis Tomlinson’s style unique are the playfulness and the characters it brings.

The young spirit of this hairstyle makes you think of so many possibilities you can do to your hair – and in life in general. This style makes you think that life is not that easy but it couldn’t be harder as well.

Louis Tomlinson hairstyle suits every season – when you just want to tuck yourself in during winter or be out soaking in the sun during summer. You can’t be more exciting enough!

Louis Tomlinson Textured Crop

Louis Tomlinson Haircut

Louis Tomlinson Haircut

Louis Tomlinson Haircut

Louis Tomlinson Hairstyle

Louis Tomlinson Hairstyle

Louis Tomlinson Hairstyle

How to achieve the Louis Tomlinson hairstyle

So how to achieve this easy breezy style of Louis Tomlinson? Here are some steps how:

  1. First, you need to grow your hair a little bit longer than usual. Four to five inches long will be enough length for your barber to work it out.
  2. This works well for men with straight hair. So if you have curly or natural wavy hair, you might want to rethink about this cut.
  3. Keep the edges clean by a razor. A grade four cut on the side and keeps the top layers longer.
  4. The top is cut in thin layers to achieve the layered style.
  5. You can also have it some highlights on. This will allow you to create some dimension on the hair, especially when the light strikes upon it.

Now that you have your hair cut, it is now time to style it like Louis Tomlinson.

Styling Tutorial: The Louis Tomlinson style

Step 1. Wash your hair clean and apply some conditioner for smoother and more manageable hair.

Step 2. Air or towel dry your hair. Avoid using hair dryer as its heat damages the skin and scalp.

Step 3. Apply some gel and run it between your palms for consistency. Lather the gel all over your hair, concentrating on the top most layer.

Step 4. Comb it upward, parting on the left side to get the full volume on the right.

Step 5. Comb the front layers, slightly pulling the comb upward to bring the hair up. Using your palm, slightly pat the side to keep it in place.

To maintain this hairstyle, you need to frequently see your barber for every three or four weeks. The outer layer will start to grow and you must trim it casually to maintain the style.

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