Luis Fonsi Haircut: How To Style Like Luis

by Updated on June 1, 2018

The Puerto Rican singer songwriter has captured the hearts of the crowd in many of his songs that became hit on the first debut release in Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. His most famous single Despacito has reach millions of audience and listeners all over the globe. The single also brought him to the brighter spotlight.

Since Despacito became very popular, people are all excited to see how he looks, what is he wearing, and of course, how he keeps his hair so neat and fresh despite his hectic schedule. Let’s see if you can pull out the similar style.

Luis Fonsi Haircut

Luis Fonsi Haircut

Luis Fonsi Haircut

Luis Fonsi Haircut

Advantages of Luis Fonsi’s Hairstyle

Luis Fonsi’s hairstyle can be considered a common haircut for most men because of its versatility.

  • First, this is a neat cut that suits almost all hair types. Whether you have straight or naturally wavy hair, this style can be your trusted do.
  • Secondly, barbers are quiet familiar with this haircut so you don’t need longer explanation of the look you want to achieve.
  • This haircut is easy to maintain. You’ll only need some gel and a thin comb to achieve the Luis Fonsi look. You can also make use of your fingers for styling. It’s that easy.
  • It rocks with men who has beard. This hairstyle complements the hair on your face. Although it looks nice with a clean shaved face, it also rocks with a thin accent on your jaw.

Bring out the Luis Fonsi Style in you

This hairstyle is something you will enjoy wearing for a long time. It’s because it’s easy to style, maintain and suits for all occasions. Here are the steps on how to bring the Lusi Fonsi style.

  • Your barber will have the idea of the cut once you show him the look you want to achieve. The top most layer of the hair is usually longer than the rest for styling.
  • Apply some gel on your hair, lathering gently and concentrating on the top most layers.
  • Comb the front and top layer upward to bring the hair up. Run the comb at both sides, pressing gently to hold it in place.

To maintain this hairstyle, trim your hair neatly, leaving three inches in length at the front. For both sides, have at least an inch tapered to draw it closer to your scalp. You can always pay your barber a visit every two or three weeks to have your hair maintained.

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