Machine Gun Kelly Haircut

by Updated on April 17, 2018

Let’s talk about hardcore rap and style with Machine Gun Kelly haircut here. We all know Machine Gun Kelly for his music and symbolic tattoos but teens and ladies can’t get enough of his hairstyle. Since this haircut becomes more charming and appealing to the crowd, men are also trying to follow the rapper’s trendy style.

We all get lost on Machine Gun Kelly’s blue eyes. We often wonder what his tattoos mean. And we cannot deny that he does a good job styling his hair. So let’s check out this rebel rapper’s haircut and let’s see if his hairstyle is as hardcore unique as his recent album. You’ll be the judge if his haircut does complement his open shirt, and most-of-the-time-topless-appearances.

Machine Gun Kelly Haircut
Machine Gun Kelly Haircut

About Machine Gun Kelly Haircut

  • It works perfectly with all hair colors.
  • It gives volume to thin hair.
  • It’s longer and thicker at the front.
  • It’s neat and clean on both sides.
  • It’s easy to wear and requires less effort to maintain.
  • It suits for all types of wardrobe.
  • You can wear man bun when the top most layer became longer.

Styling like Machine Gun Kelly

There are two secrets in going out with Machine Gun Kelly Haircut. First, a clean hair and nice soft hold pomade gel.

  • If you want to keep in on place, use a soft to medium hold pomade.
  • Apply an ample amount on the top most layers and lightly squeeze the hair for a loosened style.
  • Run down your fingers to the thin layers to apply less pomade on that area.
  • You can also wear it loose and free. Simply wash your hair to clean.
  • Pat it try with a clean towel and let the air dry the excess moisture.

How to Get Machine Gun Kelly Haircut

The best about this haircut is that it is easy to wear, hardly needs time to maintain, and speaks of your personality. The neat trim on both sides makes it suited for formal and casual occasions (just modify Machine Gun Kelly’s clothing, which is mostly nothing on top).

Getting this haircut requires you to grow your hair a little bit longer than usual. This is because you need quiet a volume and length at the front and top most layers. If you’ve grown them for four to five inches, you can ask your barber to run a smooth style like Machine Gun Kelly Haircut. Keep the lower part down to your nape clean and neat for a more Gun Kellier-look.

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