The Macklemore Haircut: Simple & Basic Tutorial

by Updated on June 9, 2018

Macklemore’s hairstyle is the common neat and nicely trimmed haircut you see in most men. Both sides are nicely shaved with a very short layer of hair that almost covers the scalp. The top most layers, almost the size of the palm is kept lengthy. He usually pulls his topmost layer at the back of his head, creating a nice and clean pattern.

The American rapper is fashion and hairstyle trend setter for many of his fans, followers, and those who just know him as the guy with a nice and cool haircut. So how to keep this cool haircut and look like a nice guy?

Macklemore Haircut

Macklemore Haircut

Macklemore Haircut

Macklemore Haircut

Macklemore Haircut

Here are some tips and tutorials to achieve this hairstyle:

Who can pull this hairstyle off?

The truth is, not everyone can pull this off. This hairstyle is not for men with overly curly hair or for those who have very thin locks. If you have curly hair, the top most layers will create a circular bush at the top of your head instead of suave and polished layers.

For men with thin hair, this is not for you. Remember, the top most layer will be kept solely at the top of your head, so if you have very thin hair, it will just be a small portion there and will not create the desired style.

Getting Macklemore’s hairstyle: Simple and Basic Tutorial

You can easily achieve this hairstyle by yourself. Here are the basic steps on how to pull this off:

  • Let the top layers and front layers of your hair grow for at least three inches long.
  • Shave both sides and the back of your head by setting the razor blade to the thinnest portion. Leave the top most layers untouched and work on the sides to clean it from any uneven patches.
  • Make an estimate of how much hair you want to leave on the top most layers. Clean the base of the lengthy layers nicely. Cut the ends of the top layers by putting some portion between your index and middle fingers. Cut it using a thinning scissors. Work on other portions until you achieve the desired length and style.
  • Brush off the cut hair to see any uneven portion of the side. Grab a small amount of gel and apply to the top most layers. Comb it parting to one side for styling.

To maintain this hairstyle, shave both sides every week as they start to grow back.

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