Matthew McConaughey Medium to Long Haircut for Curly Hair

by Updated on June 20, 2018

Known for his loose curls and natural waves, Matthew McConaughey is lucky to have this hair type and texture because he can choose from the different haircuts, which can suit his carefree and sexy style choices. So if you have the same hair type, you can easily achieve the haircut that we’re going to share in the following.

Matthew McConaughey Medium to Long Haircut
Matthew McConaughey Medium to Long Haircut

Getting Matthew McConaughey Hairstyle: Medium to Long Cut

He has worn different haircuts at various lengths ranging from medium to long. This particular haircut should have a length on its sides and top that will allow hair curling.

Have a medium to long haircut but not longer than shoulder length. Your hair must be longer on both the sides and on top if you have a medium hair length. The stylist or barber will also create some layers in order to give head that shape.

Down to the earlobe, you should have your sideburns styled. You can choose to have short stubble of facial hair for a rugged, sexy look, or a clean shave for a manly appearance.

You should also use a styling gel while hair is wet. Then, you must dry hair with a round brush to achieve that wavy and loose look. But if you have curly hair, you can just let hair air dry after applying a curling gel.

Once the hair is dry, you can use foaming cream or pomade in order to shape your hair. It will also separate the locks; each can be curled.

Use your fingers in order to shape and hold the curls. Finally, you can just pull your hair in the front up, but make sure that it is back away from your face.

Rather than parting hair, you can try shaping hair back on the sides and top. But if you have longer hair with a part, you can part hair with your fingers.

Get the Medium to Long Haircut

There you have the simple ways of achieving the McConaughey medium to long haircut. It is less maintenance and looks carefree. The hairstyle can be for you if you are a man with naturally loose and curly hairs that you intend to style the Matthew McConaughey way.

If you’re ready to get the look, you may want to print out his photo and take it with you in your next visit to the barber. Get the medium to long haircut of Matthew McConaughey today!

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