The Mc Fioti Haircut: Tips & Hair Tutorial

by Updated on April 15, 2018

This guy must really love the shade of blue. But who doesn’t? It’s liberating, free, and highlights your personality. Like McFioti, artists and young people today are very particular of their style. They want something unique, untraditional – something that speaks of their character no matter where they go.

McFioti hairstyle is all about all those things. You see him and you cannot think of anything like this – besides the waves in the ocean. His hairstyle and fashion preference speaks of his personality as an artist and as an individual with his own fashion brand.

Pulling out his hairstyle is a bolder move. But what can we say, if you want something, you go for it.

Here are some hairstyling tutorials and tips you’d want to know when you consider trying this hairstyle.

Mc Fioti

Mc Fioti Haircut

Mc Fioti Haircut

Mc Fioti haircut

Tips in pulling out the McFioti hairstyle

  • Grow the top layers longer. The McFioti haircut has long top layers with tapered sides. Grow you hair for at least four to five inches to give the barber enough length to style on.
  • Color is the key. McFioti’s choice of color is what makes his style stand out from the rest. The shade of blue could mean many things for different people. In his style, McFioti chose to leave the base of his hair black and just apply the highlights quarter of an inch from the roots.
  • Combing it properly makes the difference. Comb it leading to one side. Applying hair gel will help you style it easier.
  • The base of the hair on the forehead is neatly and straightly trimmed. Both sides are shaved with gradual thickness until it reaches the colored part.

Mc Fioti Hairstyle Tutorial

  1. Wash your hair clean and air dry.
  2. Apply some hair gel, preferably wet look and with light hold. Lather it evenly onto your hair.
  3. Comb it sideways, leading the volume of the hair on one side.
  4. You can also let is loose freely after washing. Just make sure you apply some conditioner for smoother texture.
Mc Fioti Haircut
Mc Fioti Haircut

Maintaining the Mc Fioti hairstyle

To maintain this hairstyle, especially the forehead part, make sure you keep it clean and shaved once the hair grows back. You can simply shave the sides by setting your razor to the thinnest blade and run it over the thickening part. Follow the leading pattern up to the top. The color will recede after weeks so you need to retouch it for maintenance.

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