Mesut Ozil Haircut: Hair Tutorial & Characteristics

by Updated on April 21, 2018

Who doesn’t love MesutOzil’s good schoolboy haircut? His hairstyle continuously reminds ladies that there are still a ‘few good men’. MesutOzil Haircut is neat, clean, and fresh to look at – in and out the field. The Arsenal’s attacking midfielder creates a new trend of hairstyle among men.

His popularity carries his haircut to be followed by many men from the live audience and television spectators. Men want to look proper with MesutOzil Haircut and became one of the most requested hairstyles in barbershops.

Let’s see how Mesut pulls out his style by learning the following hairstyling tutorials.
Mesut Ozil Haircut
Mesut Ozil Haircut

Characteristics of Mesut Ozil Haircut

  • It hasquite a volume compared to other football players’ clean cut but it’s still neat and nice to look at.
  • Its swag look, especially when messed up makes it sportier for men who are as active asMesutOzil on the field.
  • It has a long top layer that gradually recedes downward, making it easy to maintain and style.

Mesut Ozil Haircut

Mesut Ozil Haircut

Mesut Ozil Haircut

Mesut Ozil Haircut

How to Get a Mesut Ozil Haircut

Your next visit to your barber should be on the next couple of months because you have to grow your hair a little bit longer first before you are able to achieve this look. Mesut Ozil haircut has a four or five inches long at the top front. Grow your hair that long first so that your barber has enough hair to work on and space to style.

Once the haircut is done, it now up to you to style it like Mesut. Here’s how:

Step 1. Wash and clean your hair first. Apply some conditioner for a smoother hair.
Step 2. Dry up your hair and apply enough amount of pomade or hair gel to the top front layer and then work it downwards.
Step 3. Comb it and lead the long and thick part sideways, leaving the rest of the thin hair on the other side.
Step 4. Work on some of the left pomade on your palm to keep the hair in place.

For free styling, you can simple lather the pomade on your hair and comb it with your fingers. For easier days, you can simply let it loose for a fresher look. This style suits for casual, formal and business attire.

This hairstyle is more of a mature vibe, with enough thickness at the top and clean businesslike trims on the edges. Achieve his style by following these styling tips today!

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