What Is Mid Fade? 20 Best Medium Fade Haircuts

by Updated on June 24, 2018

The mid fade can offer you that perfect combination of both the high fade and the low fade. The style is a taper cut notable for landing just above the ears and below the temples. Just like other types of fade haircuts, you can choose from a wide range of looks and styles.

Before you jump into deciding to get it for yourself, you should know what to expect. So what is it? This is one of the trendiest hairstyles in town and globally because it is stylish, cool, easy to maintain and versatile.

You can ask also your barber about a design pattern for it, or you may want to combine it with other types of haircuts, such as pompadour, undercut, layered or quiff. In any way, the mid fade is a versatile men’s haircut that works in combination with just about any haircut.

Also depending on your mood, styling preferences or personality, you can choose a mid fade combined with another hairstyle that can help you achieve your desired effect. For one, you can ask your barber for a razor fade to achieve a disconnected appearance.

Check out this list for the 20 best mid fade haircuts that you can refer to when looking for mid fade hairstyles!

#1: Messy Hair + Mid Fade

Call it art. Call it a masterpiece. Wear this haircut and be the man of the hour. The messy hair with mid fade haircut is for men who dare to be different.

Messy Hair + Mid Fade
Messy Hair

#2: Quiff + Mid Fade

The quiff hairstyle is for you if you love to show your unique style. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, you can go ahead and check it out.

Quiff + Mid Fade

#3: Layered Side Part

Highlight some volume to your hair with layered side part plus mid fade. This is the hot look for the man who wants to have the best of both worlds.

Layered Side Part + Mid Fade
Layered Side Part

#4: Texture Crop + Mid Fade + Beard

Perfect mix and match with a sexy-looking beard that emphasizes a man’s best facial features. Ask your barber for the texture crop that looks outstandingly awesome!

Texture Crop + Mid Fade + Beard
Texture Crop

#5: Undercut + Mid Fade

Suave and sexy, this haircut is the style for all seasons and occasions! It looks clean and tidy. Be sure to use the right styling products for hold and shine.

Undercut + Mid Fade

#6: Big curly + Part

Stylish and funk, this haircut looks outrageously perfect! With a line on the side and big curls on top, you can never go wrong with the hairstyle!

Big curly + Part
Big curly

#7: Pomp + Mid Sharp Fade

Look like a celeb with a clean, big pomp and neat side. Go ahead and ask your barber for the cut!

 Pomp + Mid Sharp Fade
Mid Sharp Fade

#8: Side Part Combover

Well-created and stylish, the side part combover is for men who want to flaunt their best facial features. Try it today!

Side Part Combover
Side Part Comb over

#9: Mid For Thick Hair

Up your fade haircut game! Style it up with a great mid for thick hair.

Mid For Thick Hair
Mid For Thick Hair

#10: Classic pompadour + Mid Fade

Wow – it’s the only word to describe this thick on the top but thin on the sides haircut that combines a classic pompadour

Classic pompadour + Mid Fade
Classic pompadour

#11: Spiky hair

Attending a party or music festival? Try this spiky and funky hairstyle with a mid fade. It just looks oh so hot!

Spiky hair + Mid Fade
Spiky hair

#12: Afro hair

Are you looking for the perfect school haircut? Or perhaps, you want to style your Afro curly hair in a new way? Try the mid fade for afro hair.

Afro hair + Mid Fade
Afro hair

#13: Classic Undercut

Rock a new haircut with this cool undercut and mid fade combo! It needs some maintenance and the right styling products to keep it looking attractive.

Classic Undercut + Mid Fade
Classic Undercut

#14: Thick Spiky hair

Welcome an out of this world hairstyle that looks 100% fun and stylish. The spiky and thick hair with mid fade is indeed the choice for men who dare to be different.

thick Spiky hair + Mid Fade
thick Spiky hair

#15: Long Spiky cut

If you love spiky styles and you got a stylish beard, try the long spiky haircut with mid fade.

Long Spiky cut + Medium Fade
Long Spiky cut

#16: Layered Cut + Side Part

This haircut is for men who want a new take on their layered cut with a side part. Ask your barber for the style today!

Layered Cut + Side Part
Layered Cut

#17: Curly + Side Part

Do you have curly hair? Do you want to flaunt a side part? Try the well-defined and structured haircut with a side part.

Curly + Side Part
Curly + Side Part

#18: Heavy Fringe Crop

Funky and different, this haircut gives a new definition for the heavy fringe crop with its mid fade.

Heavy Fringe Crop + Mid Fade
Heavy Fringe Crop

#19: Classic Quiff + Mid Fade

The classic quiff highlights your best facial features. Make sure to maintain the look with the right hairstyling products for both shine and hold.

Classic Quiff + Mid Fade
Classic Quiff

#20: Classic Spike Up

The classic spike up is given a twist with a mid fade cut. Try it if you’re looking to give your spiky hair a new dimension.

Classic Spike Up + Mid Fade
Classic Spike Up

Get these haircuts and flaunt a different look. Take a mid fade haircut to the next level by choosing one of the best mid fade haircuts today!

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