Miguel Long Pompadour Hairstyle

by Updated on June 22, 2018

Before chilling out with Miguel who will be on tour in the summer, you might want to know more about the musician and iconic R&B artist’s hairstyling tips. The artist has never been (ever) afraid of showing his distinct style, so he keeps changing his looks from time to time, experimenting with different hairstyles for either aesthetic or music purposes.

Miguel Long Black Pompadour Hairstyle

Miguel is a famous hip-hop and funk musician that always impresses us with his distinct hairstyling sense. For one, he’s confidently worn the curly pompadour but with buzzed sides, which made the hairstyle even more remarkable for many black men.

While he had the buzzed sides of the curly pompadour, he had the back of his hair quite short. The reason is that the curly pompadour is trying to help men achieve both height and volume.

That is why men can also ask their barbers to give them more definition to the curls – all for added texture and style.

The Pompadour
The Pompadour

Pompadour Hairstyle
Pompadour Hairstyle

Curly Pompadour
Curly Pompadour

Miguel Pompadour Hairstyle
Short Curly Pompadour

Tips for styling a pompadour hairstyle

Take note that short variations are for men with straight and thinner hair, while long variations are for those with thicker and curlier hairs like Miguel. Ask your barber for the most suitable type of pompadour hairstyle that works on your hair type, length and texture. If you’re looking to achieve a clean look, you may want a side part pompadour or a faded variation for an edge. Just be certain that whatever pompadour variation you’re looking to achieve, you will use a strong hold product to keep the look.

Final note about pompadours

There are different variations to select for a modern pompadour look that will best suit your hair’s texture and type. Generally, the haircut like that of Miguel is very versatile and friendly for all types of hairs and face shapes. In fact, they can also be styled in many ways.

However, you should also take into consideration the styling products you’ll use for a better hold and shine. You must also ask your barber about how many times to have your hair trimmed to maintain the look.

Get Miguel’s Pompadour Hairstyle

Don’t think twice showing people the real you with a distinct and gorgeous pompadour. Regardless if you select long or short variations, you must show off your style and feel confident about it. After all, even the best hairstyles of Miguel might not do you good if you don’t feel good about your own style.

Go to the barber and ask him for Miguel pompadour today!

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