Neymar Jr Haircut: Features + How to style [2018]

by Updated on June 7, 2018

Who says men with curly hair can only wear dread locks? Neymar is rocking his free styled curly hair in short layered top and clean-shaven on both sides. This is a very cool haircut for men with textured hair. You can leave it be or apply more styling features.

Neymar haircut becomes widely popular with the recent football season. If you’re still contemplating on what hairstyle to fit for your curly hair, here is your solution. Check out these features to see your next haircut goal.

Neymar Jr Haircut

Neymar Jr Haircut

Neymar Jr Haircut

Neymar Jr Haircut

Neymar Jr Haircut hawk

Neymar Jr Haircut hawk

Features of Neymar Haircut

  • It is adaptable. Since this is a short haircut, you will not worry if you still need to cut some more of it when you need to attend a formal event. Just apply some fresh look gel and apply it on your hair to hold it in place.
  • The texture is the character. Neymar’s hair character relies on it texture. It’s curly but not the type of curl that folds back to the scalp. This is why this type of hair is easy to maintain. When you wash your hair, apply some conditioner after shampoo. This will keep your hair soft and manageable. Running them between your fingers will not be a problem.
  • It’s easy to maintain. Frequent visit to your barber will help you maintain this hairstyle. But if you want to do the styling at home, you can easily follow the original path of your hair.
  • If you have shaved the sides of your head before, it is recommended to follow that same pattern again when you’re self-maintaining your haircut.

How to style the Neymar Haircutting styles

  1. Wash your hair clean. Apply a small amount of conditioner before toweling it dry. Do not use hair blower to dry your hair. This causes damage to your hair and scalp.
  2. Lather the gel on your hair after working it on your palm. Make sure that every part is nicely covered.
  3. Run your fingers over your hair to style it. You don’t need special comb or hairbrush to style this type of hair.

In maintaining this hairstyle, you just have to trim the patchy parts that started to grow after weeks. Curly hair seems to grow a little slower that straight hair. This is because once it grows back; the tip will just create another wave. This makes you feel like it’s not growing at all. Try stretching a strand and see how long it goes. Trim it regularly to maintain its form.

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