Line Up Haircut
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What is the line up haircut? Perhaps, this is the most common question you’d hear from friends nowadays. There is no wonder, though. The line up hairstyle is a trend in the hair fashion world. We got so curious, too! We can’t help but find out more about it and compile the best line up […]

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Hairstyles for Men With Thin Hair

Having thin hair may seem like the world’s turned against you from the moment you were born – and you may wish you’d grow some extra hair every night before you fall asleep. But – there’s no need for that, really. It’s all about how you perceive it – because thin hair can also be […]

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Low Fade Haircuts
Fade, Hair, Haircut For Men

For men trying to decide whether or not to get the low fade cut and then are confused about what this style really is, keep reading the following and check out our featured photo inspirations to get your desired low fade haircut combined with pomp, French crop or combover, among other styles. What Is Low […]

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Fade, Hair, Haircut For Men

The mid fade can offer you that perfect combination of both the high fade and the low fade. The style is a taper cut notable for landing just above the ears and below the temples. Just like other types of fade haircuts, you can choose from a wide range of looks and styles. Before you […]

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Short Haircuts For Men
Fade, Hair, Haircut For Men

Short haircut is any haircut that has a short length. The styles change from one type of haircut to another. Some may have longer top but with shorter cut on the back and sides. Short haircuts are a trend even if some are choosing to grow their hair for a braided hairstyle especially among African-American […]

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Taper vs Fade
Fade, Haircut For Men

You’ve definitely seen one or two people sport a taper or a fade haircut recently – they are literally everywhere right now.  From TV stars to your dog’s groomer, everyone wants a bit of fade or taper in their lives.  And why wouldn’t they? Both taper and fade haircuts are incredibly stylish, practical and versatile. […]

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Jared Leto Hairstyles
Celebrity Hairstyles

Jared Leto’s hairstyle is very changeable. We saw him with long hair like Jesus Christ during the latest MET Gala. Then we saw him with his hair neatly tucked at the back of his head in one of GQ cover photo. Let’s talk about his neat and clean cover photo. This hairstyle has been around […]

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hair color ideas
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Who said that experimenting with hair colors was an activity exclusively for the ladies? No-one, ever – and even if they did, we’d probably tell them to shut their dirty mouth. In fact, there’s nothing better than waking up one day and knowing that today is the day you’ll be giving your hair color a […]

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