Low Maintenance

The key to thriving (instead of merely surviving!) in today’s world is finding a way to minimize the messin’ about. What do we mean by messin’ about? We mean the stuff that isn’t important. The stuff that takes too much time – but shouldn’t, because it isn’t fun. So, as a modern-day man, the key […]

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When your hairline starts receding, you know you’re in a bit of trouble. While there are certain products that you can use to help slow down the process of hair loss, there’s no miracle cure that we know of *sad face*. The good thing is that… you’re never really alone. You know that many men […]

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curly hair

Styling your curly or wavy hair – and making it look exceptionally cool – can sometimes be a never-ending challenge. Everyone’s posting Insta shots of new hairstyles they have just tried or are about to try out. Great, you’re thinking, but not everyone has straight, easy-to-manage hair. I dare you to try and shape my […]

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Toni Kroos Haircut
Footballers Hairstyles

Toni Kroos’ best winning shots as midfielder for Real Madrid are known in the football world and probably for the rest of football history. But we’re also excited and happy to see this guy off the field, wearing his neat haircut and looking as dashing as ever. Toni Kroos haircut gains positive reaction among the […]

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Man Bun

Ah, the man bun. Haven’t we had a love and hate relationship with the man bun for the past 5 years? Maybe even longer? Who knows. Footballers wear it, hipsters wear it – even your uncle seems to want to pull his hair into a bun because it’s “what the kids do these days” (he […]

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Taper Haircuts for Men

If you’re anything like us, then you probably feel charmed by the taper fade. It has totally stolen the spotlight of the men’s hairstyle world. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a short-haired man with long sides and back? We’re not at all surprised – it is one of the most practical haircuts, […]

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Do you ever find yourself turning up at the barber’s without a clue what you would like your hair to look like when you leave? Well, you can forget ever having to desperately look for last minute inspiration in magazines they keep on the coffee table. We have compiled 30 Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2018 […]

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Combover Haircuts

Ah, the perfect side part. There’s hardly anything more sophisticated than a combover haircut. It’s timeless, it’s elegant – and it complements quite a few different face shapes. Many have fallen head over heels for the charming combover – from talented legs like David Beckham to high-pitched voice owners like Justin Timberlake. And today – […]

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A disconnected undercut is probably one of the trendiest haircut styles out there right now – and we can totally see its appeal. For those of you who may have heard the name of the cut but are not entirely sure what it is, a disconnected undercut is one-length cut – with no tape or […]

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Right Haircut for Your Face Shape
Haircut For Men

Getting a bad haircut isn’t something you can just wipe out of your memory the next day. It sticks around for quite some time – and having to face it day in, day out can be annoying. What’s one of the main reasons people get bad cuts, you ask? Not knowing their face shape well […]

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Low-Fade with Textured Slick Back
Celeb Hairstyles

The man who sold most of his belongings to fund his rapping career, G-Easy never lacked charisma. But music and charisma aren’t the only two things he is known for – it’s also his super distinctive style many can’t help but fall in love with. Inspired by Johnny Cash, G-Eazy goes all out when it […]

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Celeb Hairstyles

Rapper, musician, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur – those are just a few of the things Drake is known for. He has done a great deal of things in his life that have inspired a lot of people – and has received tons of praise for those things. But you know what else we can’t […]

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Spiky Hair

Spiky hair has been an obsession of ours since the 90s. A hairstyle that constantly hung on our walls in the form of pop star posters, as well as decorated our heads when our mums weren’t looking, it’s now making a massive comeback. And it’s back with a bang! Thankfully, today’s spikes are nothing like the ghosts […]

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Haircut For Men

Telling your barber what sort of cut you’d like can seem like an impossible mission sometimes. And not because you don’t know what you want – you may have the ideal cut mapped out in great detail in your head, from top to sides!  But you still struggle to communicate exactly what look you’re going […]

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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear someone say ‘mohawk’? Punk rockers? Rebellion? Offensively cool – and a tad threatening? Well, whatever your perception of the mohawk is – it’s a head-turner that may not be for everyone. Involving a shaved head with a strip of hair left dramatically in […]

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Tidy Low Fade Haircut
Fade, Hair

We’re sure that you’ll nod in agreement when we say that fade haircut is a phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm. Everyone seems to be captivated by it! Though, we’re not really that surprised: it’s a masculine look that’s trendy, unique and clean. What’s not to love, right? From teenage boys to the highest […]

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Full Beard

Many of us have a ‘love and hate’ relationship with our facial hair. It takes time to groom it to perfection – but we know that life without it wouldn’t be the same. It makes our faces look good – but it can get annoying when too long. It can make us smell like breakfast […]

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Hair, Product

While we do think that hair styling products should be used in moderation, pomade is ‘the good stuff’ (when you use a wise amount rather than drowning your poor hair in it). It’ll help you mould your hair into shape that you’re proud of. As there is an abundance of options constantly competing for your […]

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Hair, Long Hair

When it comes to haircare, you and I both know that a lot of us tend to have a pretty laid-back approach. Whether we have short hair, medium hair or long hair, it goes something like… “Meh, I have hair – that’s great. I buy a shampoo that’s on offer, ask a friend to trim […]

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Head and Shoulders Men Full a
Hair, Product

While many men think that they can just wash their hair with pretty much anything (hand me that bar of soap, will ya?), that’s not entirely true. Finding a suitable shampoo for your hair is the base of a good haircare routine, especially if you want healthy, shiny and strong hair that stays on your […]

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Low Fade Haircut
Fade, Hair

It has been said time and again that your hair speaks a lot about you. That is very true, given that your hair is one of the first things people notice when you meet for the first time. That said, it makes sense to invest in a good hairstyle that will leave a lasting impression. […]

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Keeping your hair healthy and strong can be a tedious business, which we’d often rather ignore than tackle (myself included!). It’s easy to take hair for granted, but your scalp and hair strands require at least some attention. Even the best haircut won’t look its best if your hair is in a terrible state. Now […]

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Biotin Shampoo

Experiencing hair loss can be both frustrating and embarrassing. More than that, really. It can affect your mood, your confidence, and even your ability to enjoy life the same way as before. Shelves of pharmacies are heavy with treatments aiming to stimulate hair growth, but how do you know what really works? One way is […]

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Comb Over
Haircut For Men

Hair is an important part of your body because it’ll make you look handsome if treated properly. More so, good hair can enhance your personality and your appearance. Many people still feels they can make any hair they want once they get to the salon. This shouldn’t be so, you must always have an hairstyle […]

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Celeb Hairstyles

A household name in the rap industry, Donald Glover aka “Childish Gambino” is more in demand than he’s ever been. The singer, songwriter and award-winning rapper has gone to reach audiences across the globe through his work –and continues to grow each and every day in the industry. Glover’s not only known for his successful […]

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