Low-Fade with Textured Slick Back
Celebrity Hairstyles

The man who sold most of his belongings to fund his rapping career, G-Easy never lacked charisma. But music and charisma aren’t the only two things he is known for – it’s also his super distinctive style many can’t help but fall in love with. Inspired by Johnny Cash, G-Eazy goes all out when it […]

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Celebrity Hairstyles

Rapper, musician, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur – those are just a few of the things Drake is known for. He has done a great deal of things in his life that have inspired a lot of people – and has received tons of praise for those things. But you know what else we can’t […]

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Youtube Stars

You can search to your heart’s extent –but you’ll most likely never find someone who hasn’t at least come across the name Pewdiepie at least once in their lifetime. The gaming YouTuber went on reach to massive heights with his career –and also his unique hairstyles! Here’s a few ways to achieve Pewdiepie’s spunky looks: […]

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Lil Pump
Celebrity Hairstyles

Rapper-songwriter Lil Pump has been known for his eccentric hairstyles throughout his career. The American-based persona has constantly brought the heat to his image, rocking dreadlocks and multicolored styles on a daily basis –a breath of fresh air to the industry. Perhaps the more obvious common denominator would be Lil Pump’s all-time favorite use of […]

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