Tidy Low Fade Haircut
Fade, Hair

We’re sure that you’ll nod in agreement when we say that fade haircut is a phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm. Everyone seems to be captivated by it! Though, we’re not really that surprised: it’s a masculine look that’s trendy, unique and clean. What’s not to love, right? From teenage boys to the highest […]

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Full Beard

Many of us have a ‘love and hate’ relationship with our facial hair. It takes time to groom it to perfection – but we know that life without it wouldn’t be the same. It makes our faces look good – but it can get annoying when too long. It can make us smell like breakfast […]

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Mid-Fade Undercut for Curly Hair

In the 90s, life was all about experimenting with hair. Within a short space of time, I myself went from dreamboat flat top to chin-length – and even kriss-kross cornrows (don’t judge me here, please!). But today’s teen boy haircuts seem to have entered a new era of sophisticated. Shorter sides, longer tops are taking […]

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Hair, Product

While we do think that hair styling products should be used in moderation, pomade is ‘the good stuff’ (when you use a wise amount rather than drowning your poor hair in it). It’ll help you mould your hair into shape that you’re proud of. As there is an abundance of options constantly competing for your […]

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