Paulo Dybala Haircut: Hair Tutorial & More

by Updated on April 18, 2018

Hairstyle ideas are things you get from famous personalities like celebrities, athletes, and movies stars. For most men (I think we can speak in general here), they look up to their most favorite sports celebrities. This is why you’ll get to see more of Paulo Dybala haircut looks these days.

This professional football player from Argentina captured the heart of the audience through his skills in football. But for women, they also love his good looks matching his neat hairstyle. It does not have much styling to do because Paulo Dybala haircut is simple and clean. This is the style you can wear in and outside sports.

Things You Don’t Know About Paulo Dybala Haircut

But here are some points you need to know about this style if you’re planning to follow this cut. Some of its features include:

  • You need a voluminous straight hair to achieve this hairstyle.
  • It works with all hair colors but suits perfectly for dark brown hair men.
  • Sides are clean and grow back in a week or two.
  • Maintenance is easy, if you’re planning to razor trim the sides once they grow back.
  • You need a strong hold gel or pomade to keep the top on place.
  • You need to condition it every time you wash it to keep it from getting frizzy.

How to Achieve This Hairstyle (Hair Tutorial and More)

First, you have to grow your hair into a workable length to allow your barber to achieve your preferred style. Three to four inches on top is enough length to get this style. You can maintain this haircut by running a razor around the lower part and considerately trim the top part.

  • To style it, grab an ample amount of gel or pomade and lather it on your palm to achieve consistency.
  • Apply the pomade on the top layer first, gradually running down to the thin layer downward.
  • Combs the hair up and direct it to your preferred side. Paulo Dybala haircut keeps his top to the right side. Use a wide tooth comb to work on this.
  • The back of the head is thinner than the top and gradually recedes to the bottom down to the nape where the hair ends.
  • To maintain the Paulo Dybala haircut, shave it on both sides and back, and then using a razor, and trim the top layer using a hair clipper.

We all know Paulo Dybala made this cut popular! Remember the points we’ve shared and achieve his look today!

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