Playboi Carti Hairstyle

by Updated on April 9, 2018

Playboi Carti hairstyles are buzzing with interest by many young men with dark curly hair. The rapper and model is known for wearing dread locks. This style is one of the fashionable ways for men with dark curly hair who want to keep their locks long and stylish.

Playboi Carti hairstyles bring a new vibe to dead locked hair. We commonly see people wearing their locks but they’re dreaded all the way. Carti’s style is quiet new and interesting.
What makes Playboi Carti hairstyles unique is the clean cut underneath those locks. Playboi Carti wears his locks long but keeps the base neat. Sometimes, you can spot letter or initials carved at the base of his hair right above his ears. This is something you can also achieve on your next hairstyle.

Playboi Dread
Playboi Dread

Playboi Carti Hairstyle
Playboi Dread Hairstyle

Start With The Locks

There are various salons that offer services to dread lock your hair. If you have a long curly hair, then this is just right for dreads. If you want to achieve Playboi Carti hairstyles, then you’d probably start having those locks dreaded first.

Before starting the dread locks, you may ask the hairstylist to leave the lower part loose. Let the first two or three inches downward loose. Once the locks are settled it, set the razor in quarter or an inch or at the thinnest blade possible. Run the razor over the loose hair from the locks. You can use a separate sharp blade to clean the edges and even out.

Maintenance and Style

This hairstyle is not only the fashionable way to wear your curly hair – it also shows your personality. If you want to express more of yourself, you can add some embellishments on the cleaned part. You can carve images or initials on it, like those of Playboi Carti’s.

To maintain this hairstyle, all you need is your razors to clean up the shorter part once it grows back. Simply run the razors on it and you’re good as new. There are also distinct ways to clean your dread locks. You can do them at home or in a salon.

Want to try this Playboi Carti’s hairstyles? First, you need to grow your hair longer. Shoulder length hair is a good stretch to start with the dread locks. If it’s a little bit shorter, you need to wait for a couple of months to achieve this funky look. Once you’ve dreaded your hair, it will be easier to maintain and wear anytime.

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