5 Quiff Hairstyles We Absolutely Love

by Updated on April 11, 2018

The quiff hairstyle is one of those hairstyle gems that has been around for decades – but is constantly refreshed by stylists, who are not afraid to add a contemporary twist.

Widely popular among the celebrity crowd (stars like James Dean to Justin Timberlake have rocked it!), the quiff could be likened to an eternal rock star that will always live on. The hairstyle combines elements of the pompadour and the flat top, which was among the most popular hairstyles of the 1950s.
Plus, guess what? Research has shown that the classic quiff (aka the ‘Elvis cut’) is the second most attractive men’s hairstyle, according to the opposite sex quizzed on Reddit.

  • Say no more – let’s see what the top 5 quiff hairstyles are!

#1.The Classic Quiff

The Classic Quiff
The Classic Quiff Via IG:jclarkwalker

The classic quiff is probably the most well-known of quiff styles. Defined by shorter hair on the sides and back than on top, this iconic hairstyle differs from its contemporary fellows in that the contrast between the two is less severe. When styling it, go easy on the products – it could cause your hair to fall flat (and that’s exactly the opposite of what we want!).

#2. The Textured (or Messy) Quiff

The Textured (or Messy) Quiff
The Textured (or Messy) Quiff

This is perfect for someone looking for a more relaxed, casual hairstyle. The textured quiff (or the messy quiff) is about creating a less formal look – perfect for someone who isn’t a fan of a neat and tidy hairdo – and would rather sport a windblown look.

For a textured quiff, you’ll want to add matte texture rather than aim for the shiny, soft locks that define a classic quiff.
Style it with sea salt spray and blow-dry it upwards using a round brush. To achieve a messier, relaxed finish, use a pea-sized amount of clay and work it through your hair. Voila!

#3: The Undercut Quiff

The Undercut Quiff
The Undercut Quiff

This is where we take our quiff and spice it up with a contemporary flavour. The undercut (also a highly attractive hairstyle on men, according to the ladies!) works really well with a quiff – particularly if you’re a man who isn’t afraid to make a statement! It’s definitely a sharper hairstyle than a classic quiff – and you’ll achieve a fantastic result if you have plenty of hair on top (aka – zero signs of balding).

The disconnect between the hair on top and the short sides is what creates an impactful look. Not sure which product to use? Salt spray will work wonders.

#4: The Side-Parted Quiff

The Side-Parted Quiff
The Side-Parted Quiff Via IG:jclarkwalker

Now, if you’re someone who prefers a smart and sleek look over a rebellious undercut – then the side-parted quiff should be the next hairstyle you try. This retro hairstyle is one of our favourites – but it does require a bit of effort and is slightly more difficult to style than the other types of quiff hairstyles.

After blow-drying (tip: direct your hair to the place you want it to sit), you’ll want to create a side parting. Use a brush to separate the hair in bulk – and a smaller comb to part it. Then, use your palms to smooth the hair product of your choice into the sides.

#5: The Long Hair Quiff

The Long Hair Quiff
The Long Hair Quiff

The beauty of the quiff is that it really works on all hair lengths – but we think it scores particularly high points on longer hair! For long hair, volume is your friend – not texture, which means that skipping a blow-drying session is not an option. You’ll want to use traditional pomade to create a voluminous look – and be prepared to do a little bit of up-keeping throughout the day. Long hair quiff looks awesome – but it does require a bit more attention for it to look its best.


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