Top 3 Ryan Gosling Hairstyles

by Updated on June 20, 2018

Do you want to get Ryan Gosling haircuts? Gosling started at the Mickey Mouse Club of Disney Channel and since then has been known all over the world for his hairstyles and fashion. He is an attractive actor that has both the looks and the talent.

It seems that he has all it takes to be a heartthrob and idol! That is why everyone seems to want to be like him – including achieving his best hairstyles through the years. He’s been an inspiration for men who dare to be different and stylish.

Side Swept Hairstyle

Ryan Gosling changes his hairstyle from time to time. Perhaps, you can remember the side swept hairstyle that does not look complicated at all.

This classic side swept hairstyle is just so easy to maintain and can be worn in any occasion. You will remain looking hot and stylish, but be sure to have your hair trimmed regularly to keep your hair smooth and stylish.

Ryan Gosling successfully carried the style – thanks to his bright blue eyes that just are so mesmerizing! His side swept hairstyle was also enhanced with combination of some facial hair.

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle
Ryan Gosling at arrivals for THE NICE GUYS Premiere

Ryan Gosling Haircut
Side Part Comb-over

Long Hairstyle

He had long hair back in 2004, wearing these layered, unstructured locks with matching full beard. This hairstyle looks so relaxed and requires less maintenance. You won’t need much effort in styling it!

Long Hairstyle
Long Hairstyle Dont Care

Tips: Do not let hair look greasy, so keep it in check. You should give it regular washing and trimming (Your barber will take care of it). After all, you should keep the hairstyle in shape to avoid leaving an impression that you don’t care about it.

Short Haircut

Through the years, Gosling has flaunted different types of short haircuts, but most of the time have been mixing and matching tapered cuts on different parts. The actor succeeds at changing his short hairstyles, and it seems that all kinds of short haircuts would suit this handsome actor. But then sometimes, Gosling has also been letting his hair grow for a textured style.

Ryan Gosling Haircut
Ryan Gosling Haircut

Tip: Use a texture enhancer to achieve the look better.

Get the Ryan Gosling Hairstyles

Gosling haircuts always give us that message of sophistication and class. The actor is not only admired for his great acting skills, but also for his oozing sex appeal. If you’re looking to steal his hairstyles, make sure to schedule an appointment with your barber and get Gosling’s hairstyles today!

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