42 Best Short Haircuts For Men In 2018

by Updated on June 23, 2018

Short haircut is any haircut that has a short length. The styles change from one type of haircut to another. Some may have longer top but with shorter cut on the back and sides. Short haircuts are a trend even if some are choosing to grow their hair for a braided hairstyle especially among African-American men.

Short hairstyles for men need styling products, such as wide-toothed comb and those for shine and hold especially for pompadour and layered hairstyles. Regarding the types of short hairstyles for men, a few to choose from include the high fade, mid fade, pompadour, layered cut, razor fade, quiff and so on.

If you’re unsure which short hairstyle for men to copy, don’t worry! Check out the following for short haircut for men inspirations and show it to your barber for his reference.

#1: High fade + Slick Back

Do you want a high fade haircut? Try it with a slick back. Ask your barber about it today!

High fade + Slick Back
High fade

#2: Pompadour + Mid Fade

The classic pompadour is given a new twist with the mid fade. Perfect for men with thick hair. It can also be for men with dyed hair.

Pompadour + Mid Fade

#3: Quiff + Clean Fade

With the perfect hairstyling products for shine and hold, the clean fade and quiff combination receives a high mark from us!

Quiff + Clean Fade

#4: Spiky + Fade + Design Detail

Love some spikes? Try the spiky and fade with design detail. It also looks best for men with beard just as in this photo.

Spiky + Fade + Design Detail
Spiky + Design Detail

#5: Textured Crop + Skin Fade

Give your look a new twist with the textured crop and skin fade haircut.

Textured Crop + Skin Fade
Textured Crop

#6: Comb Over + Razor Fade + Short Beard

This combover hairstyle with short beard looks slick and stylish for formal and casual wear.

Comb Over + Razor Fade + Short Beard
Razor Fade

#7: Slicked Back

Choose this slicked back hairstyle whether you have black or dyed hair. It is perfect for men with thick and long hair.

Slicked Back
Slicked Back

#8: Mid + French Crop

Give the French crop haircut a new definition by using the best hairstyling products for hold and shine.

Mid + French Crop
Mid + French Crop

#9: Combover Side Part + Sharp Fade

Style your hair in a new way with the combover side part and sharp fade. It just looks amazingly cool and gorgeous.

Combover Side Part + Sharp Fade
Combover Side Part

#10: Neat Buzz Cut + Beard

Try the neat buzz cut if you have beard and you want to make it look even more dashing.

Neat Buzz Cut + Beard
Neat Buzz Cut

#11: Classic Skin Fade

Awesome! There is no other word to describe this neat and cool classic skin fade that is thick on the top and thin on the back and sides. With a beard, you can rock this haircut even more.

Classic Skin Fade
Awesome Fade

#12: Natural Curly hair + Mid Fade

Do you have naturally curly hair? Choose this curly hairstyle finished with a mid fade.

Natural Curly hair + Mid Fade
Natural Curly hair

#13: Short Spiky + Sharp Fade

Nice and awesome! The short and spiky hair with sharp fade is the perfect combo for men with great looks! Up your appeal with this haircut now!

Short Spiky + Sharp Fade
Short Spiky

#14: Clean Side Parting Combover

Clean side parting with combover is the style for men who want to add definition to their parting combover.

 Clean Side Parting Combover
Clean Side Parting

#15: Curly Razor Fade

This curly razor fade can up your style for its distinct thick top and short back and sides cut as close to the skin.

Curly Razor Fade
Curly Fade

#16: Clean Drop Fade

Style up your fade with the clean drop. Ask your barber for that designed sidees and great drop fade.

Clean Drop Fade
Clean Drop

#17: Texture Crop Sharp Fade

The texture crop with sharp fade is the style for the millennials that want to flaunt their face shape.

Texture Crop Sharp Fade
Texture Crop

#18: High skin Taper

Taper? Try this haircut and show off your new style. Become the envy of friends with this style that definitely rocks.

High skin Taper
Skin Taper

#19: Clean Mid Fade + waves + Beard

Do you want to achieve this perfect look if you have beard? Try the clean mid fade with waves and beard!

Clean Mid Fade + waves + Beard
waves + Beard

#20: Pomp + Elegant Fade

The classic pomp is added a new twist with an elegant fade. Try it today!

Pomp + Elegant Fade
Elegant Fade

#21: Messy Hairdo

Rock your outfit with the messy hairdo. Just by choosing the right hairstyling products for that hold and shine, you can maintain the style.

Messy Hairdo

#22: Natural texture

Achieve an effortless great look with the natural texture hairstyle.

Natural texture
Natural texture

#23: Line up + Texture Crop

Choose the line up and texture crop hairstyle and wear that exuding appeal and confidence in you.

Line up + Texture Crop
Line up + Texture Crop

#24: Undercut + Beard

Get the undercut + beard if you want that fierce and edgy look! Go ahead and ask your barber about it today!

Undercut + Beard

#25: Neat Pomp + short beard

Short beard looks even better with the neat pomp! You can wear it on any occasion and function, either day or night.

Neat Pomp + short beard
Neat Pomp

#26: Short frohawk

Black men can try the frohawk hairstyle if they want to flaunt a new look that marks the stylish man in you.

Short frohawk

#27: Tapered

Do you want a tapered haircut? Print this photo out and ask your barber for the style notable for its short cut on top, sides and back.


#28: Shaved Head + Beard

The shaved head looks even more amazing with a beard. Try the distinctive style and stand out among the crowd.

Shaved Head + Beard
Shaved Head

#29: Texture + Faded + Bearded

The texture hairstyle with fade and beard is the short haircut that gives you that unique and trendy look. It defines the entire face and head for its perfect combination.

Texture + Faded + Bearded
Texture + Faded

#30: Buzz cut + Wave + Beard

The buzz cut for men with wavy hair is a trendy hairstyle especially if you could combine it with beard.

Buzz cut + Wave + Beard
Buzz cut + Wave

#31: Taper + 360 waves

Achieve 360 waves and finish it off with a taper haircut.

Taper + 360 waves
360 waves

#32: Faded + Texturized

This combo of the faded and texturized haircut works for men with almost any hair type. It can also help you achieve thick-looking hair.

Faded + Texturized

#33: Curly + Line up + Mid Fade

For black men that want to style up their hair in a different way, they can try they line up and mid fade haircut.

Curly + Line up + Mid Fade
Curly + Line up

#34: Combover Drop Fade

The combover drop fade is cut thick on the top and short on the back and sides. Instantly, you can achieve a celebrity look with this cool hairstyle.

Combover Drop Fade
Combover Drop Fade

#35: Butter soft Fade + Design Part

If you love to look trendy or just want to express yourself better with your hair, try the butter soft fade and design part.

Butter soft Fade + Design Part
Butter soft Fade + Design Part

#36: Traditional Combover + Butter soft Fade

If you love a classic hairstyle, get the traditional combover that is cut a bit longer on top and short on the back and sides. To make it look perfect, it is combined with the butter soft fade.

Traditional Combover + Butter soft Fade
Butter soft Fade

#37: Tapered Shape + Texture Top

This hairstyle will make you look like a celebrity! The tapered shape and texture top hairstyle is perfect for men who want to look cool and stylish. It is just so awesomely hot and sexy. Ask your barber about it today!

Tapered Shape + Texture Top
Tapered Shape

#38: Color Top + Sharp Fade + Part Detail

The sharp fade for men with dyed hair is the style for you if you’re looking to get a unique and cool hair cut. Finish if off with the part detail.

Color Top + Sharp Fade + Part Detail
Color Top

#39: Simple Crop for very straight hair + Purple Hues highlight

The simple crop for men that have purple colored hair is the daily hairstyle for men with naturally straight hair.

Simple Crop for very straight hair + Purple Hues highlight
Purple Hues highlight

#40: Classic Undercut

The classic undercut known for its thick top and short sides and back is for men who want to achieve some volume for their hair.

Classic Undercut
Classic Undercut

#41: Spiky Hair + Sharp Fade + Part Design

Do you want spiky hairstyle? Get this spiky hair with sharp fade and part design.

Spiky Hair + Sharp Fade + Part Design
Spiky Hair + Sharp Fade + Part Design

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