How To Get The Perfect Side Parting: 19 Best Side Part Haircuts

by Updated on June 29, 2018

Are you looking to achieve the perfect side part haircut? First of all, you need to know which part of your hair you want to do the parting. When you have figured it out, the next thing to do is to tell you barber the amount of volume you would like to achieve.

What is the side part haircut? The classic side part can be achieved by combing your hair, and then blow-drying, gelling or waxing it to the side where you want to make the part.

The style can be finished with a soft part for a natural look. On the other hand, some men also want to get a hard part with the barber using razor blades down the side parting.

How to Get the Perfect Side Part

  1. Create parting on one side of your hair using a fine-toothed comb. You may also want to follow the hard parting you have. Then, you can start pulling the bulk of the hair across to one side. But if you want to make a side part that has a quiff, go back.
  2. Start blow-drying your hair up and then away. It must be done while you are combing to make that definition in the side parting.
  3. Keep combing even when your hair is already dry so that you can make the side parting neat. This is also done to define the separation.
  4. Finish the style by using wax at a pea-sized amount, and then working it through the hair to achieve a neat and textured look. You can also add hold with hairspray.

For some hair inspirations, check out the following photos. Choose which among the side part haircuts and show your barber.

#1: Pomp + Side Part

Dashing and debonair, See how you will turn heads with this cool and trendy new cut. Ask your barber for that distinct side part line design.

Pomp + Side Part

#2: Mid Fade + Hard Part

Get this clean and neat haircut with skin fade to match your fierce personality. It has a hard part that looks extra cool with the right hairstyling products, such as wax or clay.

Skin Fade + Hard Part
Skin Fade

#3: Pomp + Part

The clean and gorgeous haircut – the pomp and side part with a distinct line looks cool. The top is cut longer and its back and sides are closer to the skin. Be sure to get regular trimmings to maintain the look and style of this haircut. Go ahead and ask your barber about it today!

Pomp + Part
Pomp Source

#4: Side Part + Beard

With a beard, the side part looks even more gorgeous. The style works perfectly for men of almost hair type and facial shape. The sides and back are cut close to the skin but the top is left thick for that instant justice on the look. Just be sure to use the right hairstyling products for shine and hold. Also, keep hair clean and maintained with gentle shampoo and conditioner.

 Side Part + Beard
Part + Beard

#5: Combed over side parting

Whether your hair is blonde, brunette or natural black, try the combover side parting and get that new look that you have been longing for quite some time.

Combed over side parting
Combed over

#6: Pompadour

The pompadour is given a lovely twist with the nice side part that highlights this man’s handsome face. Make sure to use the right hairstyling products that will keep the hold and shine. Go ahead and schedule an appointment with your barber for the pompadour hairstyle with a side part today!

Pompadour + Side Part

#7: Low Mid Fade + Side Part

The low fade with a side part haircut looks extra elegant and gorgeous. It works well for men who want to achieve a more formal look for the office or business. It looks even more awesome for men with distinct and well-maintained beard.

Low Mid Fade + Side Part
Low Mid Fade

#8: Taper Fade + Side Part

Cut long on top and short on the sides and back, the taper fade works best for men who dare to look different. This nice haircut can be worn for formal or casual functions. Be sure to style it with the right hairstyling products, such as wax or clay for that hold to last for hours. Also, ask your barber for that design on the sides to complete the look.

Taper Fade + Side Part
Taper Fade + Side Part

#9: Clean Side Part + Sharp Fade

The clean side part with a sharp fade is for men who want to give their hairstyle a new life. It looks well maintained, shiny and super gorgeous effortlessly! Go ahead and visit your barber for the clean side part with sharp fade. With regular trimmings and the best hairstyling products for that shine and hold, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle that you will be proud of to wear on any occasion.

Clean Side Part + Sharp Fade
Clean Side Part

#10: Razor Fade + Slick Back

This razor fade with slick back can make any man look more dashing and cool. The haircut has an angle side design that gives more life to the haircut for men of all ages and occasions.

Razor Fade + Slick Back
Razor Fade + Slick Back

#11: Wavy + Razor Fade

The wavy plus razor fade (+beard) is for men who want to try something different on their style. Obviously, the wavy part is styled using a product for a strong hold, such as a wax or clay. If you want to get the look, call up your barber for an appointment today!

 Wavy + Razor Fade
Wavy + Razor Fade

#12: Clean Side Parting + Razor Fade

Blonde or brunette? There should not be a problem if you would style your hair with the clean side parting and razor fade. The hairstyle looks great for men with almost all face shape and hair texture. Just make sure to keep this hairstyle maintained with regular trimmings.

Clean Side Parting + Razor Fade
Clean Side Parting

#13: Side Part Pompadour

Pompadour is the classic haircut for every man who loves style and fashion! This pomp can be made sexier and cooler with the side part. The haircut is also made more stylish with a beard and distinct design on the sides.

Side Part Pompadour
Side Part Pompadour

#14: Cross fit

The cross fit haircut is a short side part hairstyle that emphasizes the man’s cool facial features. This haircut needs regular trimming to maintain the clean look. And with the right hairstyling products, the haircut can keep its firm and solid design and look.

Cross fit/slicked
slicked + side part

#15: High Pomp

This high pomp haircut is for men who dare to flaunt their fierce personality especially with the well-maintained beard and moustache combination. The sides are cut close to the skin and its back is short.

High Pomp
High Pomp

#16: Side Part + Mid Drop Fade

Try the side part with mid drop fade haircut that can put emphasis on your facial features. It also highlights a thick and long top with its sides and back cut close to the skin.

Side Part + Mid Drop Fade
Mid Drop Fade

#17: Razor Fade

This is one of the best side part haircuts given a twist with its razor fade style. The hairstyle is perfect for men who also love a design on the side for that new look.

Razor Fade + Side Part
Razor Fade

#18: Medium Length Pomp

This haircut looks cool and dashing! It is cut close to the skin on the sides and back and thick on top. You can keep the style with wax and other hair care products to achieve the perfect hold.

Medium Length Pomp
Medium Length Pomp

#19: Spike

Do you want spikes for your hair? Get this hairstyle with a side part! Ask your barber for it on your next visit.

Spike + Side Part
Spike + Part

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