The Weeknd Haircut

by Updated on June 7, 2018

The Weeknd has been carving his name in the music industry – and so far, it has been a great year for the musician. He has achieved so much in his career; in fact, he has already won a Grammy award! In the past, he also had performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on the same roster as Lady Gaga. But of course, The Weeknd is known for not only his music success but also his varying hairstyles – especially the dreadlocks.
The Weeknd
The Weeknd Haircut
The Weeknd Haircut

The Weeknd Haircut: The Famous Dreadlocks

His hairstyles were always the wildest in the celebrity scene. The artist also has the sense of style when it comes to his hairstyle that always looks fresh! He had tried twists, short afro and curls, but then fans absolutely love the dreadlocks – the signature hairstyle of The Weeknd.

While most of the time, many people play with different styles, such as cropped, relaxed and extensions, some are just stuck to the same haircut that they wear for a long time. But you don’t have to! You can try and experiment with a new look with these locks.

How to maintain dreadlocks

  • Wash them regularly. Shampoo them at least once a week with a sulfur-free shampoo. Dry them thoroughly by squeezing them in your towel. You should also let them air dry before applying any styling products or styling to prevent any damp spots, which can turn musty.
  • Always sleep in a silk nightcap so that they can stay frizz-free for the next styling session. The nightcap is going to keep the moisture into the dreadlocks and reduce pillow friction. Your locks will be ready and hydrated the next morning.
  • If there is frizziness, you can apply locking pomade before styling hair. Apply a thin film to loose hairs located at the roots of every dreadlock.
  • Moisturize hair with pomade before twisting the locks in the hair growth’s direction. It will help in incorporating loose hairs, too. Rub the remaining pomade down each dreadlock’s end. Using pomade, you can style and hold your dreadlocks in place.

Do not be left behind! Try something new for a hairstyle. Go ahead and ask your barber to help you achieve the Weeknd’s popular dreadlocks, which look not only trendy but also a superstar hairstyle. Achieve that instant celebrity look by learning how to maintain those locs and prevent them from looking awkward.

Did you like this guide? Finally, spread the word and help your friends get the Weeknd’s dreadlocks today!

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