Tips and Advice on How to Style Thick Hair

by Updated on June 13, 2018

Having thick hair is something most people envy. It is the epitome of beautiful hair – both for women and men.

We’re constantly seeing adverts for products that aim to make your hair appear thicker, products that’ll create more volume and revive ‘lifeless, thin hair’.

Moreover, hair loss is one of the most feared hair problems out there – and there are tons of products that promise to effectively target the problem – and to save you from ever going bald.

Yup, having thick hair is considered really, really lucky. But only the chaps with thick hair will know that the joy of having thick hair isn’t without problems. Like the fact that thick hair is unruly and takes longer to style. That it requires more hair products – and that it takes forever to mold it into a shape your mirror approves of.

Sure – these may seem like small problems compared to going bald. But for someone with thick hair, learning to deal with these problems is important.

If you’re a man with thick locks – don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Today we’ll be giving you tips and advice on how to style your thick hair – in style.

How to Style Thick Hair

As covered in our post on finding a hairstyle for your hair type recently, having thick hair essentially means you can experiment with most of hairstyles – and look good.

However, there are some haircuts that are better choices than others. In this post, we will tell you how to style the 4 most common haircuts for thick hair.

#1: The Textured Cut

The Textured Cut

What do we like the most about the messy, textured cut? It’s a hairstyle that’ll allow your thick hair to shine the way it wants to. It gives hair the freedom to sit how it naturally would – and simply adds more texture to the look.

For a textured cut, you’ll need a bit more length at the top and front. Shorter sides and back would look good as part of the textured cut – and would create a contrasting look with the volume and thickness of the top. Ask your barber to use a combo of razor work and point cutting.

Styling a textured cut isn’t rocket science – and simplicity is key. The aim is to look carefree rather than groomed – so just add a bit of putty into dry hair, and you’re good to go.

#2: The Quiff

The Quiff

If there’s one hair type that can rock the quiff extremely well, it’s the thick-haired man.

The fringe of the quiff will be left long, while the back will be soft and the sides cut short (ideally, number 4 cut). For a more modern look, ask for a fade – that’ll give your hairstyle even more of a contrast. The quiff adds volume to your look generally, so men with oval faces should avoid cutting their sides and back too short.

To style a quiff, simply add a bit of paste or putty to damp, clean hair – and use a brush/ hair dryer combo to create your ideal shape. Finish the look with some strong-hold hairspray – and you’re done!

#3: The Pompadour

The Pompadour
The Pompadour

The hairstyle that originally charmed the world in the 1750s, pompadour is an incredibly popular choice for men these days. Who wears it best? You guessed it – men with thick locks (you lucky devil!).

To achieve the look, you’ll need to grow the front of your hair out and ask your barber to cut it in a graduated top. The graduation will be altered slightly each time you’re there for a trim – the back will be kept short, and the front longer. You’ll need at least 3 inches of height for the pompadour to be a success.

To style it – use a hair dryer and a combination of mousse and salt spray. The hair will need to be pulled up from the roots while you dry it – either with your fingers or a brush. Use a bit of paste or putty on the back and sides – and a bit of hairspray to finish off.

#4: The Longer Cut

The Longer Cut
Longer Cut
The longer cut has been around for thousands of years – and it will never go out of style. Sure, some contemporary elements get added every now and then, but the essence remains the same.

With longer hair, subtle waves go a long way, meaning that men with very straight hair, as well as curly-heads, are likely to struggle with this length.

It’s likely to take 7 months to about a year for your hair to reach the desired length – so be patient. Ask your barber to add choppy layers to remove weight – and help create a more desired shape.

However, the good news is that long hair requires minimum day-to-day maintenance. Add some salt spray for texture – and make sure you regularly use a conditioner to avoid split ends and frizz.

Products for Thick Hair

Styling and maintaining thick hair isn’t a piece of cake. Sneakily stealing some of your partner’s shampoo won’t do. You’ll need more shampoo and more conditioner than most other hair types – plus you’ll want to invest in something that isn’t a 90cent shampoo from the “on offer” aisle at the store.

Investing in a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type will make life a lot easier – so don’t be stingy.

To sum up, the key products you won’t be able to live with as a man with thick hair are:

  • A smoothing shampoo and conditioner for unruly hair: A smoothing shampoo and conditioner combo will work wonders in creating the base for a hairstyle that makes people look back at you – for the right reasons. Try and sway away from products that use alcohol – they’ll dry out your hair and are not your friends.
  • Styling paste: A styling putty or paste will give you a strong hold and will boost volume and texture. It’ll give your hair a nice look without too much shine – and stickiness.
  • Styling pomade: A smart blend of wax and oil, pomade will give you a strong hold while softening the hair and keeping the frizz under control – which is why it is a godsent product for anyone with thick, curly hair. Make sure you go for a water-based pomade – they’ll be easier to wash out.

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