Toni Kroos Haircut: Hair Tutorial, How to

by Updated on May 18, 2018

Toni Kroos’ best winning shots as midfielder for Real Madrid are known in the football world and probably for the rest of football history. But we’re also excited and happy to see this guy off the field, wearing his neat haircut and looking as dashing as ever. Toni Kroos haircut gains positive reaction among the audience and those who don’t even know football.

What makes his style appealing to many is the clean look it portrays. This suits his style – whether he’s playing for the Real Madrid, the German national team, or simply strolling casually. This sharp looking haircut is also very much adored for men in suit in formal occasions.
Toni Kroos Haircut
Toni Kroos Haircut
Toni Kroos Haircut
Toni Kroos Haircut

What you need to know about Toni Kroos haircut

Here are some key points you need to know if you consider trying this style:

  • This haircut works for all shades of hair. You can also use a two tone for better highlights as well as to emphasize the volume at the top.
  • It perfectly works for men with straight hair.
  • This is a neat and clean look that suits perfectly for all activities and occasions.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It requires less time and effort to style.

How to Get a Toni Kroos Haircut (A Hair Tutorial)

What makes this cut popular for many men is that more than a distinct and clean look, this is also easy to do. You need to grow your hair for at least two or three inches at the top most layers. This will help your barber work on the layering and styling, thus nailing the Toni Kroos style.

Here are the easy steps to do it:
Step 1. Wash up to clean your hair after haircut. Remove the excess hair and apply some conditioner. Conditioning you hair will leave it smooth, thus avoiding frizz.

Step 2. Pat your hair with clean towel then air dry it. Do not use hair blower as it will damage your hair and cause frizz especially during hot weather.

Step 3. Get an ample amount of pomade or hair wax and work it on your palm for consistency. Apply it on the top most layer and work it downwards.

Step 4. Comb the top and part it at one side, leaving the thinner part on the other side. You can use a wet-look gel to achieve a fresher look.

Achieving the Toni Kroos hairstyle is not as hard as you think it is. You can also work this haircut and be as charming as Toni Kroos today!

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