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While we do think that hair styling products should be used in moderation, pomade is ‘the good stuff’ (when you use a wise amount rather than drowning your poor hair in it). It’ll help you mould your hair into shape that you’re proud of. As there is an abundance of options constantly competing for your […]

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When it comes to haircare, you and I both know that a lot of us tend to have a pretty laid-back approach. Whether we have short hair, medium hair or long hair, it goes something like… “Meh, I have hair – that’s great. I buy a shampoo that’s on offer, ask a friend to trim […]

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Head and Shoulders Men Full a
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While many men think that they can just wash their hair with pretty much anything (hand me that bar of soap, will ya?), that’s not entirely true. Finding a suitable shampoo for your hair is the base of a good haircare routine, especially if you want healthy, shiny and strong hair that stays on your […]

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Medium-Length Quiff with Fade

While long hair may sometimes be a bit of a pain to look after, medium length is, in my opinion, the perfect length. It isn’t too tricky nor time-consuming to take care of hair that’s medium, it allows you to show a bit of character – and it is very versatile. There are tons of […]

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High Top Fade Texturized Pomp
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The high top fade or just the hi-top, a towering mass of kinky hair stacked defiantly atop the heads of young black men during the late 80’s, conveyed the Afrocentric pride and social awareness of that amazing era. You never know, you can spot a high top fade that goes very well with your skin […]

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