Low Maintenance

The key to thriving (instead of merely surviving!) in today’s world is finding a way to minimize the messin’ about. What do we mean by messin’ about? We mean the stuff that isn’t important. The stuff that takes too much time – but shouldn’t, because it isn’t fun. So, as a modern-day man, the key […]

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Haircut For Men

When your hairline starts receding, you know you’re in a bit of trouble. While there are certain products that you can use to help slow down the process of hair loss, there’s no miracle cure that we know of *sad face*. The good thing is that… you’re never really alone. You know that many men […]

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curly hair

Styling your curly or wavy hair – and making it look exceptionally cool – can sometimes be a never-ending challenge. Everyone’s posting Insta shots of new hairstyles they have just tried or are about to try out. Great, you’re thinking, but not everyone has straight, easy-to-manage hair. I dare you to try and shape my […]

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Man Bun

Ah, the man bun. Haven’t we had a love and hate relationship with the man bun for the past 5 years? Maybe even longer? Who knows. Footballers wear it, hipsters wear it – even your uncle seems to want to pull his hair into a bun because it’s “what the kids do these days” (he […]

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Taper Haircuts for Men

If you’re anything like us, then you probably feel charmed by the taper fade. It has totally stolen the spotlight of the men’s hairstyle world. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a short-haired man with long sides and back? We’re not at all surprised – it is one of the most practical haircuts, […]

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